Apr 242014

ABC News
Iceberg 6 times the size of Manhattan breaks off of Antarctica
WASHINGTON (AP) — Scientists are watching an iceberg bigger than the island of Guam as it slowly moves away from an Antarctic glacier. NASA scientist Kelly Brunt said it is more a wonder than a worry and is not a threat to shipping or sea level rise.
Scientists Monitor Huge Iceberg That Broke Off From AntarcticaNBCNews.com
Massive Iceberg Six Times The Size Of Manhattan Breaks Off Antarctica (VIDEO)Huffington Post
Iceberg is twice the size of AtlantaCNN
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Apr 242014

By Michael Haas, President & CEO of Orion Renewable Energy Group LLC

Knowledge is power. And in the face of climate change, where time is our enemy, we are putting up a weak fight.


In stark contrast to the scientific consensus, only 49% of Americans believe that global warming is a result of human activity. In other words, more than half the country either denies global warming entirely or believes it to be a natural phenomenon. When you consider the lack of climate science education in our schools and the billions of dollars being spent to debunk global warming, this widespread misinformation is no surprise. In this time of crisis, we need an informed and engaged public. We need to bridge the gap between what the scientists know about the threat, and what the general public understands. As our planet warms, our focus must be on educating young people so that they are ready to start working on solutions right now.

Over the past few weeks, the climate conversation has once again been energized by a report released by the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). Produced by 2,500 international experts, the IPCC’s report highlights the devastating effects of climate change in every corner of the globe. Record-setting heat waves in Australia and China; flooding in Central Europe, India and Sudan; hurricanes ravaging the East Coast; typhoons plaguing the Philippines; wildfires across Colorado; and devastating droughts in my home state of California. Global warming is beginning to touch us all, and scientists warn that the impact will become increasingly more destructive.

In 2008, deeply concerned by the widespread lack of education and misinformation surrounding the science of climate change, I started the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE). Our organization aims to bring climate education to 12 million high school students by 2020, knowing that our future depends on the ideas and actions of young people. While ACE has already reached nearly 2 million students across the country with our educational programs, we are fighting an uphill battle. There are over 54 million students enrolled in K-12 education in the US and the vast majority do not have access to climate science education. And at schools that we have reached, we find that ACE programs are often the only climate science resource available to students and teachers.

The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) have the power to help reverse this trend. NGSS will make climate science a staple of the science curriculum in classrooms across the country. The standards are the first major update to K-12 science curriculum in over a decade, and are an interstate collaboration between education agencies, nonprofits and teachers’ associations.

However, instead of embracing this vital improvement in science education, some states are actively fighting against it. Wyoming has included a stipulation in its state budget that forbids state funds from being used to review or adopt NGSS. Groups in Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona have pushed bills to require teaching climate change denial in schools. This war on science and our children’s future must stop.

The next generation of inventors, policymakers, and CEOs will determine the fate of the environment and our economy. In order to ensure that these future leaders are up to the challenge, a commitment to comprehensive climate science education is needed today. Investing in science has helped us achieve the seemingly impossible before – from the moon landing, to the Internet, to incredible advances in medicine. It is time that we make that investment once again by quickly implementing the Next Generation Science Standards in all fifty states. Educating our young people about climate science and solutions will help America to lead this global effort.

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Apr 232014

Mother Nature Network
Studies Reveal an Era When Antarctica Was Like California
One of the studies focuses on an ice core taken from Antarctica's Taylor Glacier, and uses readings of radioactive krypton to confirm that the sample goes back 120,000 years. The researchers behind that study, appearing in the Proceedings of the
Scientists use krypton to help hunt for world's oldest ice in AntarcticaMother Nature Network
Antarctica Was Once As Warm As California, So, Um, Things Have Changed A BitBustle
Antarctic climate was once like coastal California, study showsCBS News
Al Jazeera America -Fox News
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Apr 232014

French car manufacturer Peugeot just unveiled its new plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) concept, the EXALT, at the Beijing Motor Show — which opened to the public on April 21st.

Image Credit: Peugeot

Image Credit: Peugeot

The new PHEV, interestingly, incorporates a number of different man-made materials onto the car’s body in order to mimic the look and feel of shark skin. Not something I had ever consciously though that I would want, but I am curious now, so I guess that Peugeot’s approach has worked. :)

The “shark skin” supposedly contributes towards the EV’s aerodynamic performance. No further details on that yet, though.

The specs for the vehicle, so far, are that it’s about 4.7 meters long (185 inches), around 1.31 meters tall (51.6 inches), and weighs about 1,700 kg (3,748 pounds). The vehicle is powered by Peugeot’s plug-in HYbrid4 drive train, which links a 270bhp 1.6-liter THP turbocharged gasoline four to a 50kW electric motor — for a combined system output of 340bhp.

“(The) PEUGEOT EXALT is athletic, powerful and sleek, incorporating original materials,” stated Peugeot designer Pierre Paul Mattei. “Its cabin, trimmed in natural materials, is dedicated to comfort and instinctive driving. This innovative concept makes the saloon even more attractive and more versatile, in particular the boot with its unique opening mechanism exposing a large boot.”

While the concept car isn’t likely to enter production anytime soon, there are rumors that a large sedan (for the Chinese market) may incorporate some of the design elements.

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Apr 232014

Insurance Journal
Claims, Oil and Resentments Linger Four Years After BP Oil Spill
Insurance Journal
Four years after the Deepwater Horizon spill, oil is still washing up on the long sandy beaches of Grand Isle, Louisiana, and some islanders are fed up with hearing from BP that the crisis is over. Jules Melancon, the last remaining oyster fisherman on
BP caps cash pipeline to research worst oil spill in US historyRT (blog)
BP is refusing to pay for Gulf oil spill researchSalon
Oil spill past is not pastPensacola News Journal
Huffington Post -GovExec.com -The Times-Picayune
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Apr 232014
New Hampshire opening new 'Zip Tour,' extreme weather museum
Boston.com (blog)
As the snow mercifully melts, New Hampshire is unveiling a bunch of new stuff this season, from the longest zip line in the continental U.S. to a revamped and pumped-up extreme weather museum atop Mount Washington. Attitash Mountain Resort is set to …

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Apr 222014
6 ways to celebrate Earth Day
The Journal News | LoHud.com
With both Earth Day and Arbor Day happening this week, and with Seeger's message of environmentalism in mind, we decided to look into some of the best eco-friendly events taking place this week. Here are a few of our top picks. A Modern Earth Day Meal.

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