Exposure to fracking chemicals and wastewater spurs fat cell development

Duke scientists used cells in culture to test samples of fracking wastewater and contaminated surface water. On the left, a drug called rosiglitazone is known to create fat cells and cause weight gain. On the right, diluted fracking wastewater. Yellow …

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Antarctica has lost nearly 3 trillion tonnes of ice since 1992 – The Independent

The Independent

Antarctica has lost nearly 3 trillion tonnes of ice since 1992
The Independent
Achieving this is impossible without satellites. Antarctica is too vast, too remote – satellites are our only means of monitoring its behaviour on a continental scale. Satellites launched by the European Space Agency and Nasa allow scientists to
Ramp-up in Antarctic ice loss speeds sea level riseFlorida Weekly
New electronic skin gives prosthetics a sense of painAxios

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Zero Motorcycles, Jaguar Electric Boat, Tesla Model 3 Road Trip, & EV Charging For The Masses (Cleantech Talk Today #6)

Welcome to today’s “Cleantech Talk Today” discussion of fresh electric vehicle (EV) news. In this daily podcast and video series, we talk about anything electric that moves, crawls, flies, rides, drives, swims, swings, or skips. Today we take a closer look at Zero Motorcycles, jump into an interesting Jaguar Electric Boat world speed record, and circle the topic of what it takes to go on a Tesla Model 3 road trip and what we need in the EV charging space overall for the masses to join the fun


Queen Anne’s County passes law to protect dogs from extreme weather – WMDT


Queen Anne's County passes law to protect dogs from extreme weather
Recently Queen Anne's County passed a law making it illegal to leave your dog outside in extreme weather. The new law requires any dog to be brought inside a home, building, or shelter within 30 minutes of the onset of extreme weather conditions that …

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When Rainforest is Cleared for Palm Oil, a Jet Liner of Carbon is Produced

The production of palm oil, the vegetable oil used in thousands of modern products, has immense environmental consequences, and a new study puts an exact figure on one aspect of it: 174 tons. Used in biofuels, cosmetics, packaging, and food, palm oil …

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Fracking without Freshwater at a West Texas Oilfield

Fracking has revived the Permian after years of flat output … Texas lawmakers considered two bills this year that would require oil and gas companies to recycle oilfield wastewater, though neither became law. Much of west Texas is still very dry after …

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Antarctica is melting faster than we knew. Here’s what it will take to … – NBCNews.com


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Jaguars Past, Present, & Future: Some Thoughts From The I-PACE Experience

While driving the Jaguar I-PACE in Portugal last week, I was curious about the company’s plans for electrified automobiles in the future. Here is what I found out.


Oil Industry Tries to Take the Fracking Boom Global

and it stands out as an important milestone in BP’s efforts to rebuild production after years of retrenchment following its Gulf of Mexico disaster in 2010. Oman is an unlikely place to lead the race to globalize fracking. Its unconventional reserves are …

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Volkswagen Turns To Quantum Computers For Advanced Battery Research

Volkswagen battery researchVolkswagen is pioneering new quantum computing research to speed up development of next generation batteries for its electric vehicles at research centers in San Francisco and Munich.