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Tesla Cybertruck tl;dr Preview: Elon Likes To Crush The Competition

For better or worse, consumers (also known as “people”) typically organize products in their heads using simple descriptors or tags. Pre-Tesla, electric cars were not that well known. Among those who knew what an electric car was, the prevailing summary of them was that they were slow like golf carts, geeky, and only for a […]

Fracking Under Fire In California

For years, environmental groups pressured former Governor Jerry Brown to ban fracking. He resisted, and instead focused his environmental efforts … “I don’t know there’s a better place in the world … gulf fracking – Read More…

Reviving The “Tesla Deathwatch” — With A Totally Different Spin

After the recent unveiling of the Ford Mustang Mach-E, I feel like it’s time to revive the Tesla Deathwatch. No, not the Tesla Deathwatch that you may have read about on this site before, where certain websites made daily updates gleefully predicting that Tesla would run out of money and be forced to shutter operations […]