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Pa.’s failure on fracking waste

Ever since the natural gas industry began sinking deep wells in Pennsylvania more than a decade ago, the state government repeatedly has demonstrated that its regulatory expertise is a step behind the … fracking wastewater – Read More…

7 Year Old Tesla Model S At 98% Battery Capacity Today

In a fresh Reddit discussion, the owner of a 7 year-old Tesla Model S explains that his battery is at 98% battery capacity today. This is another reminder of the reasons Tesla cars are much slower to depreciate in value. Any Model S already has long enough range that its battery can degrade significantly and […]

Tesla Dealer Loophole Ideas

Tesla is not allowed to sell its cars in some states of the USA. That is, it can’t open “dealerships.” Sometimes, even service centers are prohibited. That is unfortunate for Tesla and its (prospective) customers. But as many people are aware, all laws have loopholes CleanTechnica