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Is the Planet Earth Smarter than Humans?

If you were to put a human being up against the Planet Earth in a contest of intelligence which of the two do you think would win? Lets say we used the game show Jeopardy as the platform for this contest. Alex: Welcome to the game of century where we will pit the intelligence of […]

Obama to push BP to set up oil-spill damage fund

The president, preparing to make a fourth trip to the gulf, is set to pressure oil-company executives to create a ‘substantial’ escrow account for damage claims. Governors of affected states cite the blow to tourism. President Obama will try this week to exert more control over the handling of the oil spill in the Gulf […]

Fracking the Earth

No matter what side you are on concerning drilling for natural gas does our need for “clean” fuel outweigh the need to keep our environment clean?

Greenhouse Gases – Last Chance to Make an Attempt?

The academy, calling it ‘the most comprehensive report ever on climate change,’ suggests taxing carbon emissions. The papers also raise the possibility that global warming might make it necessary to shift vulnerable populations away from coasts. In a sharp change from its cautious approach in the past, the National Academy of Sciences on Wednesday called […]