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The Forgotten Rubber Mountains

Have you ever wondered what happens to the used tires you have removed from your car when you buy new ones?  You probably only think about it for a moment when you notice a fee on your bill charging you for the disposal of the old tires.  After that it’s not something you may ever […]

Environmental damage looms in Nigerian lead crisis

As masked Nigerian environmental experts examined a communal well in a village where more than 60 children were killed by lead poisoning, barefoot kids streaked with dust sat on the contaminated ground, running their hands through the silt and sucking on their fingers.

EPA banning pesticide that threatens farm workers

The Environmental Protection Agency says it is ending use of the pesticide endosulfan in the United States. The chemical is used on some fruits and vegetables as well as cotton. The federal agency said Wednesday that endosulfan can cause nerve damage in farm workers and is also a hazard to wildlife.