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Organic Farms in NH – Easy to Find! – Examiner

The organization’s mission is “to provide a common need to grow and consume safe, healthy, nutritious, great-tasting food; and a common interest in preserving a healthy enviroment that nurtures all of us.” The site also lists upcoming events across … View full post on enviroment – read more

Oil spill causing high levels of stress – WWL First News

Amy Dickson says a lot of what’s happening is caused by people not being in control of their enviroment. Dickson says it’s not just the oil but now, predictions of a rough of Hurricane season added to the mix. “Because unfortunately a lot it is out … View full post on enviroment – read more

How important is Eco-Friendly Products for your company?

Preserving our environment requires making new consumer choices about everything. Shopping green online rather than burning gas to drive from store to store is most efficient and economical way not only to save time and money but also the planet. How do you participate in saving the environment?

Organic or Eco Friendly Products for Curly Hair?

I have naturally curly hair and am looking for eco friendly or organic products to use on my hair. Any suggestions? Has anyone tried the Deva curl products?? I have heard mixed reviews and they are a bit of the pricey side-so I have hessitated. Thanks 🙂