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Is The Blame Carousel a One Trick Pony?

As far as I can tell we are all responsible for the Gulf oil disaster.   Our oil gluttony paved the way for this “leak” and many more since and still to come.  Until we can wean ourselves off of oil there is no one to blame but ourselves.  Of course it’s fun to point a […]

Chevron’s Nine Hour Oil Leak

A leak from an underground oil pipeline apparently went unaddressed for nearly nine hours late Friday and early Saturday, spilling 50 gallons of crude per minute into Red Butte Creek. The oil blackened the east Salt Lake City creek, stained scores of birds, prompted the closure of Liberty Park and sent oil as far west […]

Your Home’s Hidden Environmental Horrors

The energy hogs and global warming culprits hiding under your roof. There’s not a wind, breeze or draft that can’t be stopped by Tedd Bensonwood, a builder based in New Hampshire who specializes in energy-efficient homes. Until recently one way he would keep out the chilly New England air was by wrapping houses with 4-inch-thick […]

Not all the Oil in the Gulf is Coming from BP!

Did you ever know someone that changed their own oil, on the side of the road, on the ground?  I’ve seen where people have pulled off the road or even in their own front yards.  Opened the oil drain plug on their car or truck and just let the oil pour out onto the ground.  […]

The Forgotten Rubber Mountains

Have you ever wondered what happens to the used tires you have removed from your car when you buy new ones?  You probably only think about it for a moment when you notice a fee on your bill charging you for the disposal of the old tires.  After that it’s not something you may ever […]

Environmental damage looms in Nigerian lead crisis

As masked Nigerian environmental experts examined a communal well in a village where more than 60 children were killed by lead poisoning, barefoot kids streaked with dust sat on the contaminated ground, running their hands through the silt and sucking on their fingers.