SpaceX Cargo Resupply Mission 21 Approaching Launch

Tune in live starting at 11:15 a.m. EST as the 21st SpaceX cargo resupply mission to the International Space Station lifts off from Launch Complex 39A at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center. Launch is targeted at 11:39 a.m


No oil leak from sunken barge in West Grand Traverse Bay

Efforts to refloat a sunken barge in West Grand Traverse Bay started Friday. The barge sank November 30th, about 100 yards from shore.

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Extreme weather patterns that stop truckers in their tracks – FreightWaves

Extreme weather patterns that stop truckers in their tracks  FreightWaves

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How Fracking Has Contaminated Drinking Water

This article was co-published with Ensia, a solutions-focused nonprofit media outlet reporting on our changing planet. Lisa Finley-DeVille started drinking bottled water around the same time her …

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The messed up truth about the palm oil industry

The story of palm oil is a story about the difficulty in backtracking from over-dependence, especially when entire nations’ economies (particularly Malaysia and Indonesia’s combined 300 million people …

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Tesla China May Eventually Open Supercharger Network To Other Brands

Tesla China VP Tao Lin told members of a Chinese online forum that the automaker is open to the idea of allowing vehicles from other manufacturers to use its Supercharger network


Reviving the Gulf Coast Dead Zone

Dr. Rebecca Boehm explains how excess fertilizer on Midwest farms contributes to “dead zones” in the Gulf, and how to reverse course.

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Mars colonists could get fuel and oxygen from water on the Red Planet

Colonists on Mars could one day generate fuel and oxygen from saltwater on the Red Planet, a new study finds. The novel technology behind this advance could also help submarines generate oxygen from …

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Mobility House Provides Smart Charging Solutions For St. Louis Electric Bus Fleet

The Mobility House is providing managed charging services for Metro Transit of St. Louis and its fleet of 22 New Flyer electric buses.


Sweden’s EV Sales Hit New Record In November – 37.8% Market Share

Sweden saw plugin electric vehicle sales breaking new ground in November 2020, taking 37.8% share of the passenger auto market. This compares to 14% share in November 2019. Traditional petrol and diesel combustion vehicle sales fell to 37.1% of the market, below the share of plugins for the first time. The overall market was down [&hellip