Brazilian scat-singing performer Ed Motta takes his new record to the park – Examiner

The album has roots in american music, as usual, but is by far the most brazilian album ever recorded by Ed Motta . Groovy from top to bottom, lyrics go walking through day-by-day life, with twists of alternative …
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Gulf Oil Disaster – Out of Sight out of Mind!

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Hide it and it won’t be an issue

BP Hires Mercs to Block Oily Beaches

BP Rent a Cop Halts Media Coverage

National Guard Orders CNN To Stop Filming Birds Covered In Oil

BP Refuses to Allow Scientists to Test Oil Spill Samples


Growing Health Crisis In Gulf Of Mexico T.I.L.T. ‘Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance’

B.P. Clean Up Crews Killing Baby Birds Crushing Eggs & Nesting Areas!

Oil ‘Everywhere’ On Alabama Beach

The Dirty Truth About Bp Gulf Oil Spill Dispersant: Nalco Corexit

10  Ingredients of Controversial Dispersants Used on Gulf Spill Are Secrets No More

11  Shrimpers, fishermen, hotels feel oil spill’s trickledown effect

12  Rig survivors: BP ordered shortcut on day of blast

13  BP Rig Missed 16 Inspections Before Explosion

14  Barriers to news coverage of Gulf of Mexico oil spill remain despite promises

15  BP Says Workers May Speak to the Media, But Video Suggests Otherwise

16  Coast Guard Under ‘BP’s Rules’

17  B.P. Suppressing Evidence! Riki Ott Amazing Interview!

18  Fire BP, Remove Them from the Crime Scene

19  Reporters clash with Coast Guard, BP security

20  NBC’s Brzezinski: I’m “Working With The White House” On Oil Spill Talking Points

21  BP Sends PR Professionals To Gulf Coast To Pretend To Be Journalists

22  AU 60 Minutes BP Oil Spill Video, 13 June 2010, Removed by BP Demand Part 1

23  La. Police Doing BP’s Dirty Work [Video]

24  BP plans to get rid of safety watchdog, sources say

25  Spill coverage barriers remain despite promises

US Ecology Wins GE (GE) Cleanup Contract for Upper Hudson River –

US Ecology, Inc. (Nasdaq: ECOL ) today announced that General Electric, Inc. (NYSE: GE ) has selected the Company as one of three vendors to dispose sediment removed from the Upper Hudson River in New York State during the first phase of a major environmental dredging project. GE performed Phase 1 …
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Fire Causes Minor Damage To Atlantic Detroit Diesel

The state Department of Environmental Protection is investigating the cause of a fire inside Atlantic Detroit Diesel, Inc. that started just after 5 Tuesday morning.
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Show Low Fire Information Corner – – WMI Central

WHITE MOUNTAINS – Its that time of year when White Mountain residents all heighten our awareness when we see smoke hovering in our neighborhood. The monsoons aren’t here yet and we haven’t had any measureable moisture …
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Business Ecology Initiative Releases New Podcast Featuring Aleks Buterman … – Big Hollywood

NEEDHAM, Mass. , June 30 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ — OMG ™ today announced that a podcast and slide deck of the presentation by Aleks Buterman , Principal and Technology Investment Management Advisor at SenseAgility …
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Best Affordable Auto Repair in Central Florida. Quality Before Quantity! – PRLog (free press release)

PRLog (Press Release) – Jun 28, 2010 – Automotive Service Works ASW found in 2009, started off as a very small operation with just a few clients. But today we have expanded to a full Auto repair service fascility …
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Prophet 451’s Journal – Democratic

As I write this, it seems likely that Linda McMahon will be the Republican nomination for Senator from Connecticut. As most might well know, she was previously the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment. That sounds more …
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Drill tests oil spill response on Columbia River – Seattle Post Intelligencer

VANCOUVER, Wash. — The Washington Department of Ecology is running an oil spill drill on the Columbia River near Kalama. The exercise tests how state-regulated companies would respond to an actual oil spill. The …
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Gulf of Mexico oil spill ‘not yet environmental disaster’

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is not yet an environmental catastrophe – but could worsen as the hurricane season gets under way, scientists said today.
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