Not all the Oil in the Gulf is Coming from BP!

Did you ever know someone that changed their own oil, on the side of the road, on the ground?  I’ve seen where people have pulled off the road or even in their own front yards.  Opened the oil drain plug on their car or truck and just let the oil pour out onto the ground.  I suppose they figure it’s just a couple of quarts of oil and it  not that big of a deal.

TOXIC SLUDGE: A ship engine's waste illegally dumped into the sea washed up ashore Kanathur Reddy Kuppam, East Coast Road, posing a grave risk to marine life in the area and residents

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The Forgotten Rubber Mountains

Have you ever wondered what happens to the used tires you have removed from your car when you buy new ones?  You probably only think about it for a moment when you notice a fee on your bill charging you for the disposal of the old tires.  After that it’s not something you may ever think about again, ever.

But that is not the end of the road for your used tires or the hundreds of million of other used tires discarded yearly.  Because they are not bio-degradable they are usually “stored” somewhere until someone comes along and re-cycles them or make some other use of them.  Some are burnt as fuel but that process contributes to air pollution.

What is the solution?  Do you have any ideas?  What do you do with mountains of tires?

Source: Seas of Rubber: The Truth About Tire Recycling

Environmental damage looms in Nigerian lead crisis

As masked Nigerian environmental experts examined a communal well in a village where more than 60 children were killed by lead poisoning, barefoot kids streaked with dust sat on the contaminated ground, running their hands through the silt and sucking on their fingers.
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Norfolk Southern GM Apologizes For Problems Called By Train Wreck – News Channel 7

The black box has been recovered from the train that that derailed in Liberty. Officials hope it will help them find out what caused the cars off the tracks. The train derailed in Liberty while carrying a white non-toxic …
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Four Environmental Disasters Worse Than Gulf Spill

This isn’t the first time technology has gone awry and caused untold damage.
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Wauwatosa Fire Department Helps the Enviroment – Wauwatosa Now

The Wauwatosa Fire Department helped the enviroment by donating material from the Old Fire House to Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity ReStore. The ReStore sells new and used donated material and uses the money to help raise …
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EPA banning pesticide that threatens farm workers

The Environmental Protection Agency says it is ending use of the pesticide endosulfan in the United States. The chemical is used on some fruits and vegetables as well as cotton. The federal agency said Wednesday that endosulfan can cause nerve damage in farm workers and is also a hazard to wildlife.
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Hansol Chemical Co., Ltd. (14680) – Financial And Strategic Analysis Review – New … – OfficialWire

Hansol Chemical Co., Ltd (Hansol Chemical) is a chemical company engaged in manufacturing of chemicals for paper making, bleaching/environment and functional area. The products that are offered for the paper making area …
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Pa. orders company to halt drilling after well blowout

Pennsylvania environmental officials on Monday suspended drilling operations of a Marcellus Shale natural-gas operator whose Clearfield County well erupted last week into an uncontrolled geyser of gas and wastewater.
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