Washington Made Gulf Oil Disaster Worse – Environmental Radicals Push Agenda to Stop Offshore Drilling, According to …

WASHINGTON—-Washingtons reaction to the Gulf oil spill has caused greater damage than the spill itself, according to Jon Basil Utley in a new article, The Government’s Catastrophic Response to the Oil Disaster at Reason.com.
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Toxic Dumping a Secret or Business as Usual?

This is just one of the many horrors of toxic dumping that goes on daily, this is one of the largest, that we know of.

Indian Environment Minister Jairam Ramesh has said the secret dumping by the government of toxic waste from the Bhopal chemical disaster was wrong.

People living near an incinerator where 40 tonnes of waste were taken two years ago, say it damaged their health. Visiting the plant, Mr Ramesh promised transparency in the disposal of more than 300 tonnes of remaining waste.

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New approach helps teachers integrate conservation biology into high school ecology classes – EurekAlert

Framing familiar environmental issues in everyday language—whether the topic is a Gulf Coast oil spill or the spread of Lyme disease—may be the key to successfully engaging high school students with conservation …
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Individual Freedom is Lost…

when we don’t work together. Imagine if humans could work together like this:

Do you think humans will ever understand that individual rights do not preclude doing the right thing?

Severe Weather Blamed for Variety of Damage

The intense storm caused a variety of damage in both Rhode Island, and Massachusetts. Our ABC6 camera’s were out in several communities surveying the mess, and the clean up.ABC6 Anchor Mark Curtis has more…
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Business group to unveil Green-O-Meter – Boston Herald

T he Associated Industries of Massachusetts thinks it’s found a way to drive home its argument that clean-energy initiatives are costing Bay State ratepayers billions of dollars: a simple calculator. The business group …
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Toxic Payback?

Now I’m not saying the appearance of this weed has anything to do with humans abuse of the environment but wouldn’t it be the perfect irony that as we dessert-scape the planet the only plants able to survive are deadly poisonous, and caustic too?

Biologists and health officials in eastern Ontario are scrambling to contain an invasive plant that can cause blindness and severe burns.

Heracleum mantegazzianum, or giant hogweed, is a poisonous plant most recently found growing in Renfrew County, west of Ottawa.

“The concern is it’s a very poisonous plant, in the sense that if you get any of the sap from this plant on your skin, it can cause severe blistering and very bad burns,” said Jeff Muzzi, manager of forestry services for Renfrew County.

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Mellow Shrimp are Dead Shrimp

Out of sight, out of mind, discard at will. Was something like this preventable? Are we that stupid that we have and continue to discard our future down the toilet? But it’s coming back to bite us all in the ass and even the knowledge that we are putting into the earths environment more poison than ever before, I still don’t see a great majority concerned, or for that matter anyone paying attention.  No news is good news…

It sounds a tad fishy but shrimps are becoming hooked on Prozac, scientists believe.  They fear the ‘happy pills’ are tinkering with the creatures’ brain chemistry, making them more vulnerable to being eaten by other fish and birds.  The Portsmouth University researchers looked at the effect of the anti-depressant fluoxetine, also known as Prozac, on the behaviour of shrimps.  The shrimps are widely found in British coastal waters, close to treatment plants where the water may be contaminated with Prozac.

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Decline of turtles could tilt ecology – Vancouver Business Journal

YORK — By 10 a.m. the temperature is rising quickly at New Quarter Park as College of William & Mary biologist Randy Chambers steadies a canoe in Queens Creek. “Oh no, you can’t write,” he tells a reporter on …
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Gulf spill has spiritual, moral impact

By DAVID YONKE BLADE RELIGION EDITOR The environmental damage caused by the BP oil spill is painfully obvious, but the spiritual and moral impact of the catastrophe reaches far beyond the Gulf of Mexico, according to religious leaders who toured the stricken region this week. While some called the massive spill a “sin” resulting from corporate greed, they also put the blame on a national …
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