Easiest Way To Counterattack Russia — Go Electric

As you may have seen, Russia interfered with the last US presidential election via an extensive, nuanced cyber warfare campaign. It sowed strife in the US via all sorts of aggressive, extremist social media campaigns, and it specifically tried to help Donald Trump (aka Don the Con*) get elected.

Russia’s cyber warfare campaigns reached 126 million Americans or more on Facebook alone. Russia also had extensive Twitter and reddit campaigns going, and still does. The result has been extra internal conflict, extra anti-democratic messaging, unusual attacks on our security and investigative bodies, and potentially even an illegitimate president. (Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper believes that he is indeed illegitimate. Former CIA Director John Brennan, meanwhile, believes Vladimir Putin actually has something on Trump since Trump hasn’t been acting innocent and there’s so much lying about sketchy as hell meetings like this.)

It’s frustrating when you’ve clearly been attacked by a hostile foreign country; when your national leader appears to be compromised; and when he is doing one thing after another that benefits Russia over the USA, that favors catastrophe and suffering over human health and comfort, and that subsidizes the oil & gas industry instead of clean energy and electric vehicles.

But that last bit gets to the crux of the matter. Russia is highly dependent on its oil & gas industry. Its economy is already quite weak and its people suffer under a low quality of life as a result, but it’ll get worse if Russia’s oil & gas business is harmed. And, more importantly for the Russian oligarchs running the show over there, it gets much worse for them if they can’t hoard another billion or 10 from oil & gas sales.

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