was originally a tech support website that was the companion to the Global Village computer shop in the late 1990’s in Jensen Beach Florida. The database of tech support information we offered is now dated and has been retired from service.

Global Village started as a BBS (Bulletin Board System) known as JumpStart BBS and we offered pre-internet services like forums, games, and world news.

We were the first in Florida to offer Electronic Mail and to help cover the cost of dialing out nightly to transfer the email (with a 14.4k modem long distance to California) we charged a whole .10¢ a message!

But of course the internet came along and the BBS’s days were numbered.  But as we transitioned to the internet we always tried to offer personal support and service to our customers and visitors to the Global Village site and shop.

Internet Cafe Logo

The Global Village computer shop evolved and became the first Internet Cafe in South Florida

We were also the first to offer high speed internet in the cafe and the first to offer dial up internet to the public.

Computer Workbench

With the current issues as residents of Planet Earth I decided to use the domain name to help make us all aware of the challenges we now face. Our footprints on this planet have become more apparent as we have trampled over common sense and ignored the fact that the balance of nature is an integral of our health, well being, and most important our ultimate survival.

So welcome and thanks for visiting, glad to have you!