Nissan Offering $15,000 For New EV Quick Chargers Installed By December 31

Nissan is currently offering $ 15,000 to any companies/groups/organizations/etc that are able to get publicly available quick-charging stations for EVs — utilizing the CHAdeMO standard — up and running before December 31st. The reason for only covering quick-charging stations that utilize the CHAdeMO standard is, of course, because that’s what the Nissan LEAF uses.

The EV Advantage program, as it’s known, reimburses those that install such publicly available quick-charging stations for $ 10,000 dollars if the station is up and running before March 31, with a $ 5,000 dollar bonus added on for those that have stations up and running by the end of the year.

Image Credit: Nissan

Image Credit: Nissan

Not a bad deal, especially when you factor in the fact that, until December 31st, there’s also still a substantial tax credit available to installers of quick-charging stations — the Federal Alternative Fuel Infrastructure tax credit covers 30% of the installation costs of quick-charging stations up to $ 30,000.

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