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Solar project may be resurrected – Abington Mariner

 Last July, a proposal was made to make better use of the town’s capped landfill: Install several hundred solar panels to generate local supply of renewable power. The board of selectmen liked the idea, pitched by Luke Hinkle of My Generation Energy …
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US Ecology fined $500,000 for violations in Nevada – Yahoo Finance

BEATTY, Nev. (AP) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has fined a hazardous waste treatment and disposal company nearly $500,000 for violations at a facility in the Nye County community of Beatty. The federal agency announced Tuesday that it fined publ
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Orleans wastewater plan gets high marks – Abington Mariner

With mounting citizens’ concerns stalling the town’s draft comprehensive wastewater management plan, selectmen sought an independent review of the multi-inch document. This week selectmen chairman Margie Fulcher asked the reviewer the million, or $140 …
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UN: Annual cost of environmental damage tops $6.6 trillion Staff, BusinessGreen , Tuesday 5 October 2010 at 10:52:00 New study reckons environmental damage carried out during 2008 resulted in financial costs equivalent to 11 per cent of GDP Global environmental damage resulting from human activity resulted in an economic cost of $6.6 trillion during 2008, equivalent to 11 per cent of global GDP, and is set to cost $28 trillion a year …
Read more Goes Live – Free Online Advertising Portal for Discounts and Coupons in the U.S. – YAHOO!

com , the first being the fact that businesses will now have access to premium advertising space without having to spend their hard earned money during this economic enviroment. The second thing is that there will be a very well defined marketplace for our …
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Government Withholding Key Data on Gulf Seafood Testing

Now that’s hard to believe, our government not telling us everything?

Gulf states not following consistent protocol, despite government claims

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and FDA officials maintain they’ve provided results of ongoing Gulf seafood safety tests with the utmost transparency. But outside scientists, eager to perform independent evaluations of the government’s findings, complain the information released contains far too many unknown variables that preclude peer review.

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Hungarian toxic sludge boss arrested over environmental disaster

Zoltan Bakonyi was arrested on suspicion of public endangerment and environmental damage.
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Understanding a Lock-Out – CBS Sports

when they can and they are just a product of the enviroment at that point. I think there is too much money at stake, and after seeing how baseball fared after their last work stoppage (thinking the fans would come storming back once they took the field) I …
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Mining the Future of the Planet

Each of my keystrokes makes use of electricity and that electricity is generated by a power plant.  Where I live some of it is generated by a Nuclear  Power Plant but unfortunately much of it is produced by coal fired power plants as it is done throughout the entire United States.  We need and demand power but in that process we create a monster that will do anything to get us what we need.  That monster doesn’t care about anything else except delivering to us all the energy we demand.  Electricity has a hidden cost that we seem to be ignoring and it will only become an issue when it is in our own backyard.  If you don’t live in Kentucky then don’t worry, for now…

A coalition of environmental advocates took the first step today toward bringing a lawsuit against three mining operations in Kentucky for a staggering number of alleged violations of the Clean Water Act, more than 20,000 in all.

The companies targeted are ICG Hazard and ICG Knott, subsidiaries of West Virginia-based International Coal Group, and Frasure Creek Mining, a subsidiary of West Virginia-based Trinity Coal, which was recently purchased by India’s Essar Group. These are the largest producers of mountaintop removal-mined coal in Kentucky.

The companies have been sent intent-to-sue letters charging that they exceeded pollution discharge limits set by their state-issued operating permits, consistently failed to conduct the required monitoring of their discharges, and submitted false monitoring data to state agencies.

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