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The Epitome Of Stupidity: Oil Companies Chill The Ground In Alaska So They Can Keep Drilling

ConocoPhillips and other oil companies operating in Alaska’s North Slope are working to keep the permafrost from melting so they can continue to extract the oil that leads to the permafrost melting in the first place.


New US Fuel Cell Alliance Blows Dark Green Hydrogen Cloud Over Natural Gas

green hydrogen fuel cell airplane Plug PowerA new US fuel cell alliance is on a mission to evaporate diesel engines, and a green hydrogen angle would ding natural gas, too


Former Norilsk mayor is sentenced to six months community service for negligence in massive oil spill

A court in Krasnoyarsk has convicted former Norilsk Mayor Rinat Akhmetchin of criminal negligence and sentenced him to six months of community service for his role in a massive oil leak this summer by …

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How to master the Final Fantasy XIV Ocean Fishing minigame

Final Fantasy XIV is chock-full of interesting little mini-games designed to whisk us away from the status quo of constant battle and complicated raids, but they often become quic …

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Long-term data show a recent acceleration in chemical and physical changes in the ocean

New research published in Nature Communications Earth & Environment uses data from two sustained open-ocean hydrographic stations in the North Atlantic Ocean near Bermuda to demonstrate recent changes …

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How fracking plans could affect shared water resources in southern Africa

Fracking in Botswana could have an impact not only the country’s groundwater, but also that of Namibia and South Africa.

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Tesla Gallery & Service Center Growth — Small & Big-Picture Views

The Tesla Owners Club of New York State (TOCNYS) landed a victory during the late hours of October 14th. A Special Use Permit (SUP) was granted at the Tesla Henrietta location, providing ability to become a gallery. This will allow Tesla to show potential customers its products at the location for both test drives and educational purposes


Extreme weather: October downpour sees UK’s wettest day on record – BBC News

Extreme weather: October downpour sees UK’s wettest day on record  BBC News

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China Is Breeding A Herd Of Purebred Trojan Horses To Conquer The Western BEV Market

When Japanese automakers entered the European market over half a century ago, then Korean automakers did so in the ’80s and ’90s, and lastly Indian brands did so hardly a decade ago, they started at the bottom with low-priced and low-quality products