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Antarctica’s ‘moss forests’ are drying and dying – The Conversation AU

The Conversation AU

Antarctica's 'moss forests' are drying and dying
The Conversation AU
The lush moss beds that grow near East Antarctica's coast are among the only plants that can withstand life on the frozen continent. But our new research shows that these slow-growing plants are changing at a far faster rate than anticipated. We began …
What's Causing Antarctica's Ocean to Heat Up? New Study Points to 2 Human SourcesInsideClimate News
Climate change kills Antarctica's ancient moss bedsBBC News
Research shows climate change is damaging Antarctica's ancient
Inverse –Illawarra Mercury –Facebook
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Deforestation-linked palm oil still finding its way into top consumer brands: report

A new report by Greenpeace finds that palm oil suppliers to the world’s largest brands have cleared more than 1,300 square kilometers (500 square miles) of rainforest — an area the size of the …

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Big Sun’s Elevated Solar Trackers Play Nicely With Agriculture & Aquaculture Farms

Big Sun developed its dual axis solar tracker to maximize system output, just like most trackers do, and added springs to the cable adjustment system to allow the system to flex in varying wind conditions, reducing strain on system components. Big Sun’s trackers also bring with them the benefits of pre-programmed dual axis tracking via its iPV Tracker solution, which increases solar yields 30-50% vs fixed tilt systems


Fuel oil spill in Carrboro fouls ditches, reaches creek. Are more spills likely?

they were met with the putrid smell of fuel oil. He contacted town officials Wednesday morning. Carrboro Fire Chief Susanna Williams and Fire Marshall Ray Enoch visited the site and determined the sou…

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Antarctica Greenhouse Produces Cucumbers, Tomatoes and More in Mars-Like Test –

Antarctica Greenhouse Produces Cucumbers, Tomatoes and More in Mars-Like Test
"After more than half a year of operation in Antarctica, the self-sufficient greenhouse concept appears to be effective for climatically demanding regions on Earth, as well as for future manned missions to the moon and Mars," DLR officials said in the

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A Story Of Sustainable Journeying

While there are many viable approaches to sustainable travel — social, economic, and environmental — we hold the same belief: the first step toward positive change is to find other like-minded travelers and do it as a community.