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Cleantech News Roundup: Alberta Tar Sands, Honda Clarity, Electric Maserati, Tesla Motorcycle, Wind Turbine Myth, & India’s Solar Appetite

In this edition of the cleantech news roundup, we’ve got a Honda Clarity review, a Tesla motorcycle nothingburger, an electric Maserati Alfieri GT, an electric Mustang and a Volvo 142 electric conversion, a debunked wind myth, Canada’s tar sands “investment” (which should be pronounced ‘money down the drain’), and even an easy sesame noodle recipe


Crude oil leaks into floodwaters after train derails in Iowa

DOON, Iowa (AP) — A freight train derailed in northwest Iowa on Friday, leaking crude oil from at least one of 31 tankers into flooded fields flanking the tracks and raising concerns about the possible contamination of residential water supplies …

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Exposure to Fracking Chemicals and Wastewater Spurs Fat Cells

DURHAM, N.C. – Exposure to fracking chemicals and wastewater promotes fat cell development, or adipogenesis, in living cells in a laboratory, according to a new Duke University-led study. Researchers observed increases in both the size and number of fat …

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Myanmar’s Fast-Food Boom Is Boosting Palm Oil

A fast food boom is luring Southeast Asia’s top palm oil producers to Myanmar to meet surging demand in the formerly-isolated state. Palm oil imports surged 60 percent in the past six years to 750,000 metric tons, according to the U.S. Department of …

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For once, scientists found good news about West Antarctica – Washington Post

Washington Post

For once, scientists found good news about West Antarctica
Washington Post
Barletta and her colleagues, from several institutions in the United States, Denmark and the Netherlands, collected GPS measurements from rock outcroppings in West Antarctica to measure the fast rise and contend that it will help counteract the ice
Antarctica Is Getting Taller, and Here's WhyLive Science
Antarctica's rapidly rising bedrock could slow down catastrophic melting of ice sheetThe Independent
Rising bedrock below West Antarctica could delay catastrophic ice sheet collapseScience Magazine
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Fraunhofer Experiments In Chile And Vietnam Prove Value Of Agrophotovoltaic Farming

power solutionsThe Fraunhofer Institute has constructed four agrophotovoltaic installations, three in Chile and one in Vietnam. They show that combining solar power with agriculture can boost the productivity of land by 60% or more.