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The Electric Car Cost Tipping Point

One of the most interesting and most challenging things in my career in cleantech media in the past decade has been communicating technology transitions. It is simply so difficult for us humans to deeply comprehend (or “digest”) the arc of the trends as they are occurring. Even a rapid market transition seems like it is going very slowly (“taking forever”) until it happens all of a sudden


Palm Oil Sustainability Certifier to Review Indonesian Bribery Claims

Bribery allegations against one of Indonesia’s largest palm oil producers underscore difficulties facing companies whose supply chains rely on the widely used vegetable oil.

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Greenland Ice Melt Raised Ocean Level 2.2 Millimeters In Two Months

GRACE satelliteMeasurements from space confirm Greenland lost 600 billion tons of ice during last summer’s record heat. That’s enough to meet the needs of Los Angeles for 600 years.


Groningen: All City Logistics To Create Zero Emissions By 2025

Once upon a time, I lived in the city of Groningen. I still think it has the best quality of life of any city I’ve ever lived in or visited


Home patients on oxygen begin to worry about distilled water supply

Coronavirus concerns have led to a run on grocery stores and short supply of protective gloves and masks. But folks with respiratory conditions who need oxygen may have a new concern: Not enough …

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CPO prices could give up gains as govt allows oil palm estates, mills to continue ops — CGS-CIMB

prices could give up some of their gains after the government announced yesterday that oil palm estates and mills can operate regularly under the movement control order, said CGS-CIMB. In a note to …

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We can no longer rely on historical data to predict extreme weather – Popular Science

We can no longer rely on historical data to predict extreme weather  Popular Science

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Progress On COVID-19 Treatment?

There are plenty of things to consider with regards to the ongoing coronavirus COVID-19 crisis — dozens or hundreds of important matters. I am not a medical expert in any way, but like others, I’ve been compelled to obsessively read about this stuff and also see what rises to the top of social media and conventional media


Malaysia Shutting Most Palm Oil Operations, Trade Group Says

Malaysia will be closing most of its palm oil operations as the country shutters non-essential business in an effort to fight the spread of the coronavirus, according to the Malayan Agricultural …

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