Save Grizzlies’ Habitat in Alberta

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Atop the Crown of the Continent ecosystem, north of Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park, towers the Castle wilderness, a critical piece of grizzly bear habitat in Alberta, Canada.

The Castle was once part of the Waterton Lakes National Park, which adjoins Montana’s scenic Glacier Park. But years ago the Castle’s protections were removed, and now it is threatened by ski resorts, oil and gas developments and all-terrain vehicles. It has become a population sink for bears, the place grizzlies go to die.

The latest assault is a plan to begin roading and logging the heart of the Castle’s wild grizzly habitat this June. The Castle needs to be protected as a Wildland Park.

Time is running out. Alberta’s legislature closes shop on March 14, by which time the Castle’s fate may be sealed.

Urge Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach to stop the logging of this prime grizzly bear habitat, and to renew the Castle’s protections as a Wildland Provincial Park.

Source: Save Grizzlies’ Habitat in Alberta