Kia Niro EV Driven To Almost 12,000 Feet Altitude (Video)

A third-party car test like this is interesting in a number of ways. First, it comes from someone who is not an employee of the company so that bias is not present. Second, the video does not promote the vehicle, it merely documents a driving experience. Third, because there is no agenda behind it, this type of media can be more creative in its inquiry and expression


Mystery Of Largest Eruption To Rock Antarctica In 12000 Years Finally Solved – Forbes


Mystery Of Largest Eruption To Rock Antarctica In 12000 Years Finally Solved
You'd be hard-pressed to find a better name for a mysterious isle than Deception Island. Located in Antarctica's South Shetland island group, it was given this memorable moniker by an American sealer named Nathaniel Palmer, who was surprised that this …

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12000 gallons of crude oil spilled between Winona and Red Wing on Monday – Winona Daily News

San Francisco Chronicle

12000 gallons of crude oil spilled between Winona and Red Wing on Monday
Winona Daily News
No significant cleanup work is planned after a valve or cap mishap on a Canadian Pacific rail car spilled 12,000 gallons of crude oil between Winona and Red Wing. According to officials at the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency, the incident was
MPCA investigates 12000-gallon oil spill near WinonaPioneer Press
MPCA investigating oil spill near WinonaWEAU
Train spills 12000 gallons of crude oil near Winona, Minn. – KMSP-TVFOX 9 News

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$12,000 Colibri EV Set For Launch In Germany

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Buying a car anywhere isn’t cheap (except maybe for India), though there is a growing market for cheap transportation in an increasingly expensive world. It is notoriously expensive to buy a new car in Europe, though a small electric car company plans to launch a $ 12,000 city EV sometime in 2015, and if such a car can succeed anywhere, it’s Europe.

The Colibri is a German-built electric car with a goal-price of just 8,831 euros, or about $ 12,000 U.S., as well as a $ 74 monthly battery rental fee. Equipped with a tiny 6 kWh battery pack, the Colibri is strictly a city commuter, with room for a single person and a few bags of groceries. Weighing in at less than a thousand pounds, the Colibri claims a range of 68 miles per charge, and can scoot from 0 to 60 mph in less than 10 seconds. Despite its size, the designers claim it can comfortably fit people up to 6 feet 3 inches tall.

While the top speed is limited to 74 mph, most drivers probably won’t even come close to maxing out this miniscule EV. A full charge takes just two hours from a Level 2 charger, and you can supposedly squeeze two of these tiny cars into a normal parking space. There are no plans to sell the Colibri in the U.S., and a planned 2014 launch date was pushed back to 2015.

Though a car seems difficult to find a market for, Europe’s best-selling EV is similarly designed and priced. I am talking about the Renault Twizy, which doesn’t even have a fully-closed cockpit, but has found plenty of urban buyers looking for an alternative to mass transit. If the Colibri makes it to market, it could find a decent following, though America is still many years (and much higher gas prices) from embracing such a small, limited-use vehicle.

Source: Plug-in Cars

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