NIO Deliveries Grew 322% In July 2020 vs. July 2019

NIO continues to show solid growth despite the clear economic challenges of 2020. The Chinese EV startup announced its July deliveries this week and shared that the July 2020 figure was 322.1% higher than the July 2019 figure


Tight Gas Market assessed at USD 12 billion in 2019, is expected to grow at CAGR of 5% and cross the mark of USD 20 billion by 2027

It is a different source of energy produced through hydraulic fracturing … sample The production process of Tight Gas passes through the stages of Seismic examination, Drilling, Production …

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Global e-Mobility Funding Report — Q3 2019

The Global e-Mobility Funding Report for the third quarter of 2019 showed a total of $ 2.7 billion raised by 45 electric vehicle (EV) companies across the world. This funding amount is even higher in reality since another 18 EV-related companies didn’t disclose any financial details


Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection System Market Trends, Analysis, Statistics and Forecast 2019 to 2026

According to the Ameco Research, the Global Oil and Gas Pipeline Leak Detection System market was expected to reach at US$ Mn in 2019 and is anticipated to exceed US$ Mn by 2026, along with the …

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Danish EV Sales 2019 — Finally Back On Track After 5 Years Of Standing Still!

The 2019 trend that led to record sales of plug-in vehicles is most certainly not going away any time soon: Denmark is jumping on the electric wagon, for real this time


Did Tesla Reach Its Guidance Of More Than 360,000 Vehicles Delivered In 2019?

Every quarter, there are a couple of days of suspense waiting for the Tesla production and delivery numbers. They have in most quarters no importance whatsoever. Not reaching the guidance by even 0.1% is considered a deadly sin on Wall Street, though


Top 10 Tesla Moments of 2019

Tesla Top 10 2019Eli Burton, the creator of The Adventures of Starman, gives us his version of 2019’s top 10 Tesla moments


Why 2019 extreme weather didn’t prompt climate policy action – PBS NewsHour

Why 2019 extreme weather didn’t prompt climate policy action  PBS NewsHour

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