Oil Company Works to Contain Leak in Alaska’s North Slope

PRUDHOE BAY, Alaska (AP) — A Texas-based oil and gas company that last year said it discovered at least 6 billion barrels of oil under its land in northern Alaska is cleaning up more than 7,000 gallons (26,500 liters) of oil that leaked from a well.
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Responders wrest control of leaking BP oil and gas well in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay area

Agencies and company emergency responders have got under control a BP oil and gas well that had been leaking since Friday morning in Alaska’s Prudhoe Bay area. BP spokesman Brett Clanton said the “unified command” of agencies had “killed the well …
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BP trying to get leaking oil well under control on Alaska’s North Slope

A BP oil and gas production well in Alaska’s North Slope blew out Friday morning, and on Saturday afternoon, the well was still not under control as responders fought freezing temperatures and winds gusting up to 38 mph. Efforts to get the well under …
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Oil leak discovered by workers in Alaska’s Cook Inlet

ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) — An oil leak has been discovered in Alaska’s Cook Inlet, causing a major oil and gas producer to shut down two of its platforms there, officials say. Hilcorp Alaska LLC workers felt an impact on the company’s Anna Platform shortly …
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Unplugged Natural Gas Leak Threatens Alaska’s Endangered Cook Inlet Belugas

The company that owns the pipeline, Hilcorp, has said that the pipeline cannot be shut down without posing additional risk to the environment or employee safety because stopping the flow could trigger a crude oil leak. The 8-inch pipeline, which carries …
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Shell Oil president reports progress in Arctic offshore drilling off Alaska’s

I revealed that ESDV leak-off tests were purposely falsified, not once but many times and that Brent Bravo platform management had admitted responsibility for the dangerous practices being followed. In response to my team ringing alarm bells, management …
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BP cleaning up oil spill on Alaska’s North Slope – Reuters


BP cleaning up oil spill on Alaska's North Slope
It remains unclear whether the leak, detected earlier this week, is connected to a decline in North Slope oil production. BP did not return emails seeking comment. Since the spill occurred, daily North Slope production has dropped about 10,000 barrels
State officials, BP investigating Prudhoe Bay oil spillAlaska Dispatch
BP Well Sprays Crude Oil Mist Over 27 Acres Of Alaskan TundraThinkProgress
BP cleaning up oil spill in Alaska3News NZ

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Tsunami Debris On Alaska’s Shores Like ‘Standing In Landfill’

Wreckage believed to be from the 2011 Japanese tsunami is washing up thousands of miles away in Alaska. The debris isn’t just unsightly — it poses environmental worries for the landscape and animals. One conservationist says the problem may be worse than the Exxon Valdez oil spill.

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