GM Raises Its EV Game, Commits Another $7 Billion To Its Electric Car Push

General Motors is picking up the pace of electric car development and putting another $ 7 billion behind its EV push


Another Win For Clean Energy: NextEra Surpasses ExxonMobil In Market Cap

The Financial Times has reported another win for clean energy. NextEra, the world’s largest solar and wind power generator, has surpassed ExxonMobil in market value


Tesla Giga Berlin Update — Yet Another Roof Goes Up (Videos)

As the end of August approaches, let’s check in again on the construction progress at Tesla’s Berlin Gigafactory. Guess what? There’s yet another roof going up, this time on the body-in-white building


Russian Norilsk Nickel Group Has Another Fuel Leak

This Is The Second Fuel Leak In Norilsk Nickel Group This Year The Russian Norilsk Nickel reported that the Norilsktransgaz pipeline belonging to the N …

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Molecular oxygen has been detected in another galaxy for the first time

Astronomers have detected oxygen in the Orion nebula, but they believe oxygen in space is bound up with hydrogen in the form of water ice that clings to dust grains. The Orion nebula is a place where …

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Sweden Takes Another Step Toward Freedom From Fossil Fuels

Gasoline and diesel vehicle bans became all the rage for a while a few years ago. One country after another announced plans or potential plans to stop selling fossil fuel vehicles by a certain year — 2030, 2040,


Oil and gas another piece in New Mexico’s water puzzle

The state is ramping up pressure to recycle fracking wastewater instead of using fresh water. Energy companies have responded by investing in recycling technology and infrastructure. Ryan Flynn, CEO …

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Another Settlement Reached Over Columbia And Snake River Dams Leaking Oil

Operators at Chief Joseph Dam in eastern Washington will now have to reduce pollution from oil spills that leak into the Columbia River. That’s after the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently reached …

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Renewable Energy Gives Farmers Another Reason To Love It

renewable energy water sustainableRenewable energy is a win-win for farmers seeking to cut energy costs and gain new sources of revenue, but there’s a hydropower catch


Another “Tesla Killer” Missing In Action — Volkswagen Group Falls Short (Charts!)

BEV Production VolumesTesla has a decisive global lead both in EV technology and in production volume. With the announcement of Volkswagen’s plans for its ID.3 series this week, it now seems clear that the world’s largest fossil automaker has no plans to challenge Tesla for the EV leadership