Ships Spend Hundreds Of Thousands Of Hours A Year Trawling In Europe’s Marine-Protected Areas

When you picture a marine protected area, you might think of a diverse ecosystem where fish, sharks and corals thrive in a healthy, protected habitat. You probably don’t imagine industrial fishing operations scraping the depths of the ocean with large trawling nets


Teresa Kok tells palm planters in Sarawak to obtain MSPO certification for their areas

KUCHING, Nov 29 — Primary Industries Minister Teresa Kok today urged oil palm planters in Sarawak to obtain Sustainable Palm Oil Certification (MSPO) for their areas by end of 2019. She said the MSPO …

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1.8 Million Clean Energy Workers Employed In Top 50 American Metro Areas

According to a report from E2, 1.8 million American clean energy jobs are located in the top 50 metro areas. They represent 58% of America’s total 3.2 million clean energy jobs. Every one of the top 50 metro areas employs over 10,000 clean energy workers. Michael Timberlake, the Communications Director for E2, answered some questions for CleanTechnica about the clean energy industry.


Bacteria-Powered Paper Battery Could Bring Electricity To Remote Areas

paper battery SUNYResearchers at the State University of New York at Binghampton have created a low cost, disposable paper battery powered by bacteria. The tiny battery provides just enough power to operate an LED or small biosensors.


Tropical birds benefit from more forest by rivers in oil palm areas

Protected riverbank habitats within areas of oil palm cultivation can play a key role in reducing the negative impacts on tropical bird numbers but need to be increased in size, new research from the …

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Oklahoma Tries Stronger Measures to Stop Earthquakes in Fracking Areas

Since early July, geologists identified more than a dozen small earthquakes, all less than magnitude 3.0, across the SCOOP and STACK that weren’t near any deep wastewater injection wells. Experts say these events could be linked to nearby fracking operations.
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LA County team to monitor oil, gas wells in unincorporated areas

“Drilling should not be allowed by right in any zone,” Ridley … led by the Energy Department to investigate the cause and effects of the Aliso Canyon gas leak in Porter Ranch. Sens. Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., proposed such a …
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Dell’s Mobile Solar-Powered Classroom Brings Computers To Areas Without Electricity

We generally take computer-assisted learning for granted in the developed world: even schools in underserved areas can find funding to provide at least some computer technology for their students. That works because even our most disadvantaged communities have something that may be scarce in the developing world: a reliable power grid that serves everyone. Dell has created a computer lab designed to serve some of the world’s students that don’t have the luxury of regularly-available power; read more about it in my post originally published at sustainablog:

The Portable, Solar-Powered Computer Lab: Dell Learning Labs

dell learning lab

Most of the solar-powered schools we’ve encountered have sprouted up in the developed world, driven by a desire for lighter environmental impact, lower electric bills, and additional educational opportunities provided by the technology itself. In the developing world, though, solar power may be the only way to provide educational opportunities that require electricity: political unrest, poverty, and lack of development all keep power grids from expanding into remote areas in many parts of the world. For young people in those places, that means the chance to learn about the latest technologies are limited… if they’re available at all.

So, when I was checking out the 2014 Corporate Responsibility report from Dell yesterday, the story that caught my eye involved the company’s efforts to support computer science education in Nigeria and South Africa. In collaboration with a number of non-profits, including LEAP Africa, SHAWCO, and Computer Aid International, the IT giant has used its Wyse cloud computing technology (acquired with the company itself in 2012) to create a portable, solar-powered computer lab for students in remote areas. Take a look at the Dell Learning Lab (and click on the image if you need a larger version):

dell wyse computer lab infographic

The cloud-based arrangement keeps this computer lab very energy-efficient… enough that a solar array can power it. The building itself is a reused shipping container, so it’s also relatively easy to move into and out of setting where it’s needed. The efficiency of the lab allows for enough energy storage to use it at night, also.

A system like this strikes me as beautifully flexible. While there’s certainly a lot of need in Africa, there’s no reason that these Dell Labs couldn’t also be used on, say, Native American reservations, or even in blighted urban areas. The only thing really needed is a need for educational opportunities; Dell and its partners are even training teachers in the best methods for making use of the technology provided.

Know more about providing technology training to underserved communities than I do? Let us know what you think. And if you’re interested in other part of Dell’s Legacy for Good plan, check out the CSR report itself.

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Projected big thaw of Antarctica’s sea ice may harm area’s unspoiled marine … – Zee News

Kansas City infoZine

Projected big thaw of Antarctica's sea ice may harm area's unspoiled marine
Zee News
Washington: Researchers using a modeling study have suggested that the Antarctica's Ross Sea's recent observed increase in summer sea-ice cover is likely to be short-lived, with the area projected to lose more than half its summer sea ice by 2050 and 
Antarctica to lose three-quarters of summer ice by end of centuryClick Green
Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes to Antarctica's Ross Sea EcosystemKansas City infoZine
Rising Temperatures, Changing Wind Patterns Could Affect Predator-Prey RedOrbit

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Jack to visit oil spill areas – Trinidad & Tobago Express

Jack to visit oil spill areas
Trinidad & Tobago Express
Interim Political Leader of the Independent Liberal Party (ILP) Jack Warner says he will be visiting La Brea tomorrow to see what assistance his party can offer to those affected by the oil spill in the area. During an interview with TV6 News aired on

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