Team Tesla At The Special Olympics Australia

Spread far and wide over the globe, the Special Olympics is changing the lives of individuals with intellectual disabilities. This worldwide movement is one that empowers the human spirit by lifting limitations through inclusiveness. It encourages people to be a part of something bigger than themselves. We may know of the Special Olympics through its work with sporting events, but it is so much more than that


Tesla Grid-Scale Battery In South Australia To Get 50% Larger

Neoen, the owner/operator of the Hornsdale battery in South Australia will expand its size by 50% by the middle of next year, further stabilizing the grid and saving utility customers money.


Array Technologies Selected For One Of The Largest Bifacial Solar Projects In Australia solar cells and panels are moving more seriously into play now thanks to cost drops and efficiency improvements. A bifacial solar panel is essentially a solar panel that can collect energy from the front side and the rear side (a normal monofacial panel only collects energy from one side). Array Technologies boosts that technology even further with solar tracking technology, capturing much more sunlight than a normal solar array


Australia Electric Vehicle Sales & Interest Soaring With Tesla Model 3 Arrival

Consumer interest in electric vehicles is rapidly growing Down Under. The latest report from Aussie EV industry group the Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) describes major increases in the number of consumers that are researching and/or considering buying EVs


Tesla Model 3 In Australia: How Does It Compete?

Tesla just recently introduced the Model 3 to Australia, on the first of September. How does the Model 3 compete in Australia? Media outlets in Australia are already reporting sales in the thousands, but initial sales don’t necessarily signify competitiveness. Or do they


Battery Incentives Meet VPPs: The Next Step For Battery Attractiveness In Australia

Enabling households to tap into battery value streams additional to the standard ‘solar self-consumption’ approach will be crucial in driving uptake by making batteries more attractive. These include hard, financial benefits like virtual power plant (VPP) participation revenues (for energy market participation as well as grid services) which help shorten payback periods, as well as non-financial benefits such as improved energy self-reliance and blackout protection


Storm-o-nomics: Why Australia should be more prepared for extreme weather – Sydney Morning Herald

Storm-o-nomics: Why Australia should be more prepared for extreme weather  Sydney Morning Herald

We need to prepare for more frequent, and more intense, extreme weather events.

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China and Russia are eyeing up Antarctica — and experts say Australia should be more concerned – ABC News

ABC News

China and Russia are eyeing up Antarctica — and experts say Australia should be more concerned
ABC News
The state of the art RSV Nuyina — which was floated last month — will primarily support Australia's scientific research team in Antarctica, but it also has another purpose: shoring up our territorial claim to 42 per cent of the icy continent, where

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The deadly impact of climate change on children – UNICEF Australia (blog)

UNICEF Australia (blog)

The deadly impact of climate change on children
UNICEF Australia (blog)
In South Sudan, children are suffering another extreme weather recent – a drought that is crippling food production, depleting pastures and causing widespread deaths. More than half of South Sudan's population is suffering from severe food shortages.

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Australia to add Antarctica winter access –

ABC Online

Australia to add Antarctica winter access
Australia is building Antarctica's first winter-accessible paved runway. Winter access is rare when temperatures drop to minus 40 degrees at Davis station because countries only have access to summer-only ice runways, including Australia's Wilkins …
Site chosen for Antarctic year-round runway near Australia's Davis research stationABC Online
Australia plans new runway to give Antarctic research base year-round flight accessXinhua

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