Rising ocean temperatures send jellyfish onto Virginia Beach

Jellyfish are beginning to wash up on Virginia Beach as warmer ocean temperatures create a breeding ground, officials said.

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Fishing Boat Washes Up On Point Bonita Beach Near Golden Gate; Leaking Oil

A fishing vessel washed up on the shoreline of Point Bonita along the Marin County coast near the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge Saturday afternoon, according to state wildlife officials.

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Climate Change Is Reducing The Beach Area At Ballena Marine National Park, Costa Rica

The accumulation of greenhouse emissions in the atmosphere has caused an increase in global temperatures, causing deterioration to the polar caps, as well as the expansion of saltwater molecules which end up occupying more space. As a result, the sea level rises and the wave range breaks closer to coastal areas


Volkswagen ID. BUGGY Debuts At Pebble Beach

Volkswagen ID. BUGGY conceptThe Volkswagen ID. BUGGY concept turned heads at Pebble Beach recently. Will it ever make it into production? The company says “maybe.”


5 out of 5 penguins test positive for avian flu at Boulder’s Beach – CapeTown ETC

CapeTown ETC

5 out of 5 penguins test positive for avian flu at Boulder's Beach
CapeTown ETC
Five out of five penguins from Boulder's Beach penguin colony have tested positive for avian flu. An update received from state veterinarian and epidemiologist, Dr Laura Roberts, confirmed that five penguins tested from the colony, tested positive for

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Laguna Beach council votes down offshore oil, gas drilling; first Orange County city to oppose Trump plan

The resolution was supported by the Center for Biological Diversity, which has organized a series of California resolutions opposing offshore drilling and fracking … to the April 2010 BP explosion in the Gulf of Mexico and the May 2015 oil spill off …
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VIDEO Oil Leaks Onto Sandown Beach From Grounded Barracuda

A duvet has been used to soak up oil leaking from a grounded motorboat on Sandown Beach. Environmental officers are among those dealing with the incident, which it is feared will worsen when the tide rises. Meanwhile, efforts are underway to recover the …
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On Clearwater Beach Saturday, environmentalists plan to protest fracking — by showing what it actually does

even if there’s no possibility for fracking in places like Pinellas County, disasters like 2010’s Deepwater Horizon oil gusher show that environmental hazards in any part of the state can hurt the economy as a whole. “In many Gulf Coast cities in the state …
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Oil spill in Haifa Bay forces beach closures

“During the work, a flexible pipe was hit and oil spilled into the sea.” It said that, in view of the high chance of a leak occurring, an emergency team had already been on standby together with suitable equipment to deal with a spill, and that the …
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California oil pipeline leak contained before reaching beach

A spill of 700 barrels of crude oil spilled from a pipeline near California’s coast on Thursday but was quickly contained in a dry creek bed and did not reach the Pacific Ocean in Ventura County, officials said. The line was shut shortly after the …
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