More than half of all Earth’s ocean life died off 444 million years ago because it ran out of oxygen

Stanford University, California experts believe that the ‘Late Ordovician’ mass extinction 450 million years ago was due to widespread ‘anoxia’, or oxygen depletion, over a three million year period.

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How Many Climate Activists Haven’t Bought A Tesla Because They’ve Been Tricked By Big Oil?

I’m a hardcore climate activist. I’ve been one for approximately 20 years (and writing that sure does make me feel old). I’m quite concerned that we are destroying the livability of this planet for human life and countless other species. Furthermore, I’ve got two young girls, and I’m certain their lives are going to be harder than mine due to more drought, agricultural failures, superstorms, more severe fires, climate-related diseases, flooding, and severe migration challenges. I’d like to do what I can to limit the challenges they will face in an increasingly unstable world


Italy could be forced to import olive oil because of extreme weather – CNN

Italy could be forced to import olive oil because of extreme weather  CNN

Italy could soon be forced to import olive oil to stem a dramatic decline in production, a climate scientist has warned, as extreme weather events wreak havoc …

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Opinion: Alabama lost to Clemson because nobody saw ‘oil leaking or bald tires’ on defense

SANTA CLARA, Calif. – Way back in October, when Alabama was rolling over opponent after opponent and everyone was marveling at the Crimson Tide’s new offensive approach – and especially, the fantastic …

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Deadly bird flu ‘could kill millions across the world’ because China … – The Sun

The Sun

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Food prices ‘to rise 5%’ because of extreme weather – BBC News

BBC News

Food prices 'to rise 5%' because of extreme weather
BBC News
Meat, vegetable and dairy prices are set to rise "at least" 5% in the coming months because of the UK's extreme weather this year, research suggests. Consultancy CEBR said 2018's big freeze and heatwave would end up costing consumers about £7 extra …
Extreme weather could force food prices up 5% in UK, report saysThe Guardian
Food prices could rise because of extreme weather in UKMetro
UK weather: Food to increase in price because of extreme conditionsThe Independent
Agriland –Sky News –
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Arctic Methane Leaks Go Undetected Because Equipment Can’t Handle the Cold

Equipment failures in the icy cold raise questions about how accurate emissions estimates from oil and gas wells are in a place where climate change stakes are high. The most widely-used technology for detecting methane leaks from oil and gas operations …

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Antarctica’s King Penguins Must Move or Risk Death Because of Climate Change, Study Says – The Weather Channel

The Weather Channel

Antarctica's King Penguins Must Move or Risk Death Because of Climate Change, Study Says
The Weather Channel
Antarctica's king penguins are facing many perils by the turn of the century as a result of climate change and must either move or risk death, a new study says. The study published this week in the journal Nature Climate Change found that 70 percent of
Move or die: Global warming threatens Antarctica's King penguinsUSA TODAY
Antarctica's king penguins 'could disappear' by the end of the …The Guardian
Antarctica's King Penguins Could Vanish by 2100 if They Don't RelocateNewsweek
Eagle-Tribune – –Deutsche Welle –Nature
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Ocean ‘dead zones’ have quadrupled because of climate change

Researchers warned in a new study that oxygen-starved ocean “dead zones,” where animals and plants are struggling to survive, have increased fourfold may not be reversible. Growing “dead zones” are a symptom of climate change according the study …

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East Antarctica’s biggest glacier lost ice because of warm water and … – The Verge

The Verge

East Antarctica's biggest glacier lost ice because of warm water and …
The Verge
Totten Glacier is 'sort of the canary in the coal mine'
Wind Is Driving Rapid Melting in Antarctica's Biggest Glacier | WIREDWIRED
Antarctica's Winds Increasing Risk of Sea Level Rise from Massive Totten GlacierInsideClimate News
Wind may be driving the melting of East Antarctica's largest glacierScience News
Inverse –Phys.Org –HuffPost UK –Science Advances
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