Oxygen Could Have Been Available To Life As Early As 3.5 Billion Years Ago

In the first stage of photosynthesis, cyanobacteria use light energy to split water into protons, electrons and oxygen with the help of a protein complex called Photosystem II. Photosystem II is made …

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Oil & gas pipeline leak and theft detection market is projected to reach $ 2.37 billion by 2023

LONDON, Nov. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — North America Oil & Gas Pipeline Leak and Theft Detection Market By Application, By Method of Leak Detection, By Source of Revenue, By Technology, By Equipment, B…

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BP Makes $10.5 Billion Shale Deal, Its Biggest Since Deepwater Horizon

The Gulf of Mexico spill changed all that … Shale exploration, which involves drilling long horizontal wells and then injecting fluids, or fracking, to break up rocks beneath the Earth’s surface, ha…

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River water helps Rice scientist support rise of atmospheric oxygen 2.7 billion years ago

Scientists have long thought oxygen appeared in Earth’s lower atmosphere 2.7 billion years ago, making life as we know it possible. A Rice University researcher has added evidence to support that numb…

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Clean Energy & DER Portfolios More Cost-Effective Than Natural Gas Replacements Worth $500 Billion

Natural gas fracking industry bubble is busting.A new report from the Rocky Mountain Institute has shown that investing in “clean energy portfolios” made up of clean energy sources and distributed energy resources is a more cost-effective method of replacing aging fossil fuel-powered power plants in America than replacing them with new gas-fired power plants. 


Weather warning: EXTREME weather ‘cost world economy £230 BILLION’ –

Weather warning: EXTREME weather 'cost world economy £230 BILLION'
EXTREME weather including monsoons, hurricanes, floods and landslides cost the world's economy almost £230billion last year – and 2018 is threatening to be just as bad, meteorological experts have said. By Ciaran McGrath. PUBLISHED: PUBLISHED: 09:00

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Tesla [TSLA] Short Sellers Have Lost $1 Billion In 2018

Tesla [NASDAQ: TSLA] has been confounding Wall Street’s naysayers for years, and 2018 has not departed from that trend. According to Schaeffer’s Investment Research, “Tesla stock was trading near its highest levels since late October earlier — topping out at $ 349 — after JPM reported on the company’s private investor meeting at the Detroit Auto Show. The brokerage firm said TSLA’s head of investment relations indicated Model 3 production will reach 1,000 cars per week this month — an increase from fourth-quarter numbers, with the recent bottleneck issues resolved.” [Update: Tesla stock is currently at $


EV Battery Giant CATL Planning $2 Billion IPO To Fund Expansion, Including New 24 GWh Manufacturing Plant

The China-based electric vehicle battery manufacturer Contemporary Amperex Technology Co Ltd (CATL) is now planning a $ 2 billion IPO to be completed by the end of June 2018, with the funds to be used to accelerate the company’s expansion plans

HSBC Pledges $100 Billion Through 2025 To Combat Climate Change

Global financial services company HSBC has announced that it will provide $ 100 billion in sustainable financing and investment by 2025 in an effort to combat climate change and support sustainable growth in its local communities. 

Extreme Weather Caused $129 Billion Of Economic Losses Globally Last Year [Infographic] – Forbes


Extreme Weather Caused $ 129 Billion Of Economic Losses Globally Last Year [Infographic]
The research also found that weather-related disasters are becoming more frequent with an average of 306 events attributable to extreme weather occurring every year between 2007 and 2016. Mainly storms and floods, that average represents a 46 percent …
$ 129 bn in extreme weather losses last year: climate reportPhys.Org
From heat stress to malnutrition, climate change is already making us sickThe Verge
How Climate Change Is Already Affecting Health, Spreading DiseaseNPR –CNN –The Lancet –The Lancet
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