Tesla Has The Highest Customer Loyalty Of All Car Brands

Studies demonstrate that Tesla has forged a unique bond with its customers. Last year, Consumer Reports found that Tesla has the highest rate of customer satisfaction of all car brands. Now, according to more recent research conducted by Experian, it turns out these high levels of satisfaction are translating into exceptionally high rates of customer loyalty as well


Deforestation-linked palm oil still finding its way into top consumer brands: report

A new report by Greenpeace finds that palm oil suppliers to the world’s largest brands have cleared more than 1,300 square kilometers (500 square miles) of rainforest — an area the size of the …

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Greenpeace links forest destruction for palm oil to brands

Greenpeace says global consumer brands continue to buy palm oil from companies that are cutting down Indonesia’s rainforests despite repeated pledges to clean up their supply chains. The …

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Corporate Food Brands Drive The Massive Dead Zone In the Gulf Of Mexico

According to NASA, “The number and size of ocean dead zones is closely connected to human population density.” It’s basic math: More people means more meat-eaters, and more meat production means …

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Palm oil from Indonesia’s shrinking forests taints global brands: report

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Palm oil sourced from illegally cleared rainforest areas in Indonesia has flowed through traders to major consumer goods brands despite widespread commitments to cease purchases of …

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Volvo Trucks To Share EV Battery Tech Across Brands

Sweden’s Volvo Trucks, a component of Volvo AB, has revealed that plans are now in the works to share electric vehicle battery tech across brands — which would mean that Mack Trucks (USA) and UD Trucks (Japan) could both end up utilizing the firm’s’ battery tech in the future


Greenpeace says brands refusing to reveal palm oil sources

Greenpeace says household brands including PepsiCo and Johnson & Johnson are refusing to disclose where they get their palm oil from despite vows to stop buying from companies that cut down tropical forests to grow the widely used commodity. The …

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Sustainable Brands 2014 | Day One

Pope Francis SB14

We’re covering the San Diego leg of the 2014 Sustainable Brands conference, what is growing into the largest and most important sustainability conference in the world. They now have events in Istanbul, Rio, Buenos Aires, Boston, Kuala Lumpur, and London. This conference draws some of the largest brands in the world to discuss the latest innovations in sustainability as it pertains to their companies. Read about last year’s news here and here.

The first day of the Sustainable Brands conference is mainly comprised of workshops. In the morning, we started the day in the Business Model Innovation workshop. Lindsay Clinton of SustainAbility, a leading consultancy, highlighted the information from their latest report on the subject, available here.

BASF life in 2030 SB14

BASF asks what will life be like in 2030…

They gave some very inspiring examples of business model changes such as:

SABMiller uses an inclusive sourcing model to work directly with farmers in Mozambique to create a new type of beer only sold in Mozambique using Cassava. This improves farmers lives, but also saves SABMiller money in VAT import fees.

Solar City recognizes that many customers are missing the low-hanging fruit of energy efficiency, so gives away Energy Explorer software free with the solar panels they sell. This is a brilliant way to get people to do energy conservation, even though it could very well show some customers that a new fridge and better window insulation will actually give them more bang for the buck than the panels they just bought.

GlaxoSmithKline has stopped paying doctors to promote its drugs and that it will no longer link the compensation of sales representatives to the number of prescriptions that doctors write, setting a precedent to end a very corrupt industry-wide practice.

The afternoon workshop we covered was the Brand Hackathon, hosted by BBMG’s Raphael Bemporad and author Margaret Hartwell. Workshop attendees were presented with a refresher course in archetypes, particularly as they relate to branding, beautifully illustrated in Margaret’s book, Archetypes in Branding. Then we were asked to select an archetype and build a revolutionary business model for the brand to help them compete in a changing market.

Target Tea SB14

Target Joins the Future

In the evening, the Activation hub opened, and we enjoyed dinner while perusing the vendor’s booths. It was very exciting to see Target present, promoting their store brand Simply Balanced. After dinner, the party moved to the connect suites, where I was the first to blend my (virgin) margarita with the bicycle blender.

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Image Credit: Susanna Schick / CleanTechnica

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