China Is Breeding A Herd Of Purebred Trojan Horses To Conquer The Western BEV Market

When Japanese automakers entered the European market over half a century ago, then Korean automakers did so in the ’80s and ’90s, and lastly Indian brands did so hardly a decade ago, they started at the bottom with low-priced and low-quality products


Avian flu confirmed in California breeding duck flock – WATTAgNet Industry News & Trends

Avian flu confirmed in California breeding duck flock  WATTAgNet Industry News & Trends

Low pathogenic avian influenza (LPAI) has been confirmed in a flock of almost 9500 breeding ducks in Monterey County, California.

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ENVIRONMENT: Importance of Perris company’s elephant breeding – Press-Enterprise (blog)

ENVIRONMENT: Importance of Perris company's elephant breeding
Press-Enterprise (blog)
The African elephant population is also dwindling. This elephant was also killed by poachers, and Cameroon officials released photos of it when they heard that two gangs of poachers from Sudan were heading for the area earlier this month. In the first

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