Herring Fishermen Sue Chevron Over California Oil Leak

A pipeline rupture that gushed hundreds of gallons of oil into the San Francisco Bay spurred a class action filed Tuesday that accuses a Chevron refinery of prioritizing profits over safety and …

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‘No time to waste’: California bill would ban fracking in state by 2027

A new bill introduced in the California state senate on Wednesday would ban all fracking near schools and homes by 1 January 2022 and in the entire state by 2027. Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is …

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Proterra Opens Next-Gen EV Battery Facility in Los Angeles, California

Demand for its electric buses is growing strongly, and that has led to a new battery production line inside Proterra’s electric bus factory in Los Angeles County, California


California Remains Below 2020 Emissions Target

Reaching 2030 target & carbon neutrality will require a much steeper rate of greenhouse gas reductions


Some California legislators want to ban fracking tied to oil spills

Sen. Scott Weiner, others pledge to introduce legislation in December. Chevron and other firms have made millions from risky spills that can last years …

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Hellfire In California, Double Hurricane In Gulf — But Are Cheap Clean Energy & Electric Cars “Too Expensive”?

We are in 2020. It is not 2040. It is not 2050. It is not 2100. And it is certainly not 2200! Humans, so far, are a brief blip on the timeline of Earth. Yet, we have a horrible problem assuming that everything will be fine and dandy for us forever simply because we’ve been here longer than we remember


California Facing Santa Ana Winds After Sweltering in All-Time Record Heat and Wildfire Smoke – The Weather Channel

California Facing Santa Ana Winds After Sweltering in All-Time Record Heat and Wildfire Smoke  The Weather Channel

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What Is Causing Those Fires And Blackouts In California? Could It Be (Gasp!) Climate Change?

Smoke over California Aug 2020Are flesh eating pedophiles responsible for a warming planet? No, scientists say.


California oil production limits stall in Legislature, leaving the issue to Newsom

Legislation to put mandated minimum space between oil wells and homes, as well as schools and playgrounds, failed passage in a California Senate committee.

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Volta & Richmond (California) Team Up For Free EV Charging

Volta and the City of Richmond in California have partnered to bring free EV charging to Richmond’s residents