Indonesia starts testing 30% biodiesel in cars amid push to boost palm oil consumption

JAKARTA (Reuters) – Indonesia on Thursday began testing biodiesel with a bio-content of 30% in cars, its energy ministry said, as the Southeast Asian nation pushes to boost local markets for its vast …

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Who’s Behind The War On Electric Cars?

Powerful forces, led by the Koch Brothers and the fossil fuel industry, are attacking electric car tax credits and advocating for higher fees on EVs. Push back. Call your elected officials today.


Four train cars derail, leak diesel oil in South Baltimore, officials say

Four CSX freight train cars derailed and overturned, causing diesel oil to leak in the Mount Winans neighborhood in South Baltimore on Sunday night. Firefighters responded to the derailment in the …

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BMW Trio Of Electric Cars Test Inside The Arctic Circle, 600km Range Claimed For Two

bmw electric car testingBMW has released photos of tks iX3, i4 and iNext winter testing inside the Arctic Circle. The i4 and iNext are said to each have 600 kilometers of range.


Honda To Close Swindon Factory In 2021. Is Brexit Or The Switch To Electric Cars To Blame?

Honda production Swindon UKHonda has announced it is closing its factory at Swindon, UK because it needs to adjust its manufacturing priorities for the coming of electric cars. Some observers are skeptical, saying it’s all about Brexit. Either way, the world of auto manufacturing is changing and may never be the same.


Portland Riders Say No Thank You To Buying Cars When They Have Electric Scooters, Detroit Frowns!

Portland e-scooter dataThe electric scooters (e-scooter) thrown at street corners in many US cities are having the desired effect. Who wants to buy cars when you can ride scooters anywhere without ownership problems? That is leaving many carmakers scratching their heads


Gas Cars = More Human Death

A recent news item — €70 Billion A Year In EU Health Damage Caused By Vehicle Emissions — reminded me of the following article, which is a piece I wrote in 2016 to try to more directly communicate the issue to people. Initially, the opening line below was the title


Oslo Booting Cars From City Center — #NewsQuickie

Oslo is moving to boot cars altogether — well, restrict car use within certain areas of the city


Is Dyson’s Plan To Produce Electric Cars In Singapore Smart?

British ultra-millionaire James Dyson recently confirmed rumors when he announced that he’d be taking his electric motor expertise to the electric vehicle market last year. When he did, the assumption was that he’d be building the cars somewhere in the UK — but that’s not what’s happening. Dyson will be building his electric car in Singapore


US October Sales Report — Trucks & SUVs Win, Cars Lose

Volkswagen Atlas SUVSales of cars with electric motors accounted for more than 7% of BMW sales in the US in October. That’s good but down from last year. The Chevy Bolt and Nissan LEAF are limping along. The big news is the Tesla Model 3, which is taking America by storm.