Tesla, Terafactories, & Lithium: Securing The Supply Chain

lithiumIn a video by “EV Stock Channel” on YouTube, Ivan interviewed RK Equity’s Howard Klein on the topics of Tesla, terafactories, and lithium, along with the race to secure the supply chain. The video discusses why Tesla may get into mining


Maryland researchers say jellyfish could dominate food chain as Chesapeake Bay loses dissolved oxygen

In the report Deputy Prime Minister of Sweden Isabella Lövin writes that in the last 50 years global dissolved oxygen has declined about 2%, and says that while scientists have known about …

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Malaysia’s top supermarket chain bans ‘palm-oil-free’ products, government urges others to follow

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia’s biggest supermarket chain Mydin has removed products labeled palm-oil-free from its stores, its top executive said on Thursday, as part of a campaign by the world’s …

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P&G Partners to Improve Environmental Impact and Smallholder Livelihood in Palm Oil Supply Chain

In celebration of Earth Week and to further its commitment to drive a more sustainable future, the Procter & Gamble Company (PG) announced a new collaboration with Malaysia Institute for Supply …

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Economies Of Scale — From The Tesla Gigafactory To A Chain Of Terrafactories

The reason Tesla names its Nevada battery production factory the Gigafactory was to help people understand that only when operating at a larger economy of scale does EV battery production truly become profitable


UK supermarket chain ditches palm oil. Who’s next?

A major UK supermarket chain is ditching palm oil because of concerns about its environmental impact. Iceland, which owns 900 stores and specializes in frozen foods, announced Tuesday it would stop using palm oil in products that carry its brand name by …

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Inspiration Off The Chain

I sat through another Zayed Future Energy Prize awards ceremony yesterday, and it again moved me to tears. No, it’s not normal for me to be moved to tears, but the deep, powerful, inspirational change that certain finalists communicated was too much for the emotional sensors behind my eyes


Slowed shale supply chain tests fracking revival from Harvey

Hard-to-travel roads are still making it tough to deliver sand, a key component in fracking, said chief executive officer Bill Thomas of EOG Resources Inc, whose Eagle Ford operations sit about 100 miles inland from Harvey’s landfall. And some mines are …
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Don’t Let Extreme Weather Cause Extreme Supply Chain Delays – Industrial Distribution

Industrial Distribution

Don't Let Extreme Weather Cause Extreme Supply Chain Delays
Industrial Distribution
One of the best ways to prepare for extreme weather is by having visibility into every aspect of the supply chain. One of the best ways to accomplish this is with a transportation management system (TMS), which can offer key insights into every step of

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Two activists chain themselves to Shell ship in Seattle to protest Arctic drilling… but one already asked for help getting down

Two protesters chained themselves to an Arctic oil-drilling support ship parked north of Seattle … He described the Arctic Challenger as a savior vessel that is used in the case of an oil leak, but said activists doubt its effectiveness at preventing …
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