The EV Annex OWL Is An Affordable Way To Add Wireless Phone Charging To The Model 3

Usually when we talk about charging here on CleanTechnica, it has to do with plugging in an electric car to juice up the batteries. The folks at EV Annex are all about electric vehicles, but their expertise is helping owners to make their vehicles fit their lifestyles. To do that, EV Annex developed a wireless Qi charging pad for the Model 3 that makes keeping your smartphone juiced up a breeze


2020 Kia Soul EV — Efficiency, Highway Range, & Charging Compared To Competitors

Kia has unveiled the 2020 Kia Soul EV, giving it much improved range based on the same great battery and powertrain as its younger Korean siblings. Once again, the Hyundai–Kia due is showing its ability to make compelling and affordable EVs


CARB EV Charging Plan Splits Electric Vehicle Charging Association Members

A plan by CARB to spend $ 200 million from Electrify America on EV charging infrastructure has caused a bitter dispute among EV charging companies and suppliers.


GM & Delta Americas Working On Extreme Fast EV Charging Technology — 180 Miles In 10 Minutes

EV fast charging networkGeneral Motors and Delta Americas are working on extremely fast charging technology that can add 180 miles of range in just 10 minutes. Can you say, “game changer?”


GTM Peers Into The Future & Sees 40 Million EV Charging Stations Worldwide By 2030

The latest study by GTM Research finds there will be as many as 40,000,000 public and private EV chargers globally by the year 2030. Its assessment is based on a belief that EVs will represent 11% of the cars on the road by that date, according to coverage in PV Magazine


Zero Motorcycles, Jaguar Electric Boat, Tesla Model 3 Road Trip, & EV Charging For The Masses (Cleantech Talk Today #6)

Welcome to today’s “Cleantech Talk Today” discussion of fresh electric vehicle (EV) news. In this daily podcast and video series, we talk about anything electric that moves, crawls, flies, rides, drives, swims, swings, or skips. Today we take a closer look at Zero Motorcycles, jump into an interesting Jaguar Electric Boat world speed record, and circle the topic of what it takes to go on a Tesla Model 3 road trip and what we need in the EV charging space overall for the masses to join the fun

CleanTechnica Brings Full-Featured Premium Vehicle Charging To Parking Structures

It’s been a while since we checked in with and found out what’s new with its innovative LEVIAMP charger, which delivers a premium, easy-to-use, ceiling-mounted vehicle charging solution to indoor garages. But the company has apparently been busy nailing down its proprietary tech and looking for angels to help it scale up production


How NYC Startup HEVO Is Taking Wireless Charging To The Next Level

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more technologically advanced and ever more popular among consumers. However, a big concern remains, how can we keep them charged? HEVO Power, a startup based in New York City, is working on just that


Blink Network CEO Michael Farkas Talks Public Charging (CleanTechnica Exclusive)

There are two primary segments of the public charging market that charging network operators are looking to tap. One segment of the market is all about “filling up” on the go. These operators want to help you charge up as fast as possible, much like gas stations do for gas cars. They’ll be built along expressways and at freeway entrances and exits. They’ll sport the highest speeds possible. In the US, evGo and ChargePoint are very much leaning into DC fast charging. In the US, there are companies like Greenway and Fastned


Norwegian Electric Car Association Says Charging Speed Matters

Nissan LEAF vs Hyundai IoniqThe Norwegian Electric Car Association took a Nissan LEAF and Hyundai Ioniq Electric on a road trip to see how they performed in warm weather. Previously the group had tested both cars as part of a 7-car cold weather test.