New sponge for cleaning harbor oil leaks has a successful real-world test

In March 2017, Ars wrote about a new material that could soak up oil like a sponge. The so-called Oleo Sponge could be wrung out, the oil could be collected, and the sponge could be used again. The ma…

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Crews cleaning oil leak from sunken West Virginia boat, Coast Guard says

Crews in West Virginia are working to clean up an oil spill after learning of a reported sunken boat, the Coast Guard said in a news release Wednesday night. At 7:40 a.m., members of the Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Huntington got word from the vessel …

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Theoretical Analysis and Simulation of High Pressure Water Jet Cleaning Process

(1998) presented a mathematical model of a stationary water jet cleaning process in which the cleaning width … jet and discussed its feasibility in improving formation fracturing and acidizing treatment []. Guha et al. (011) assessed pressure …
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BP cleaning up oil spill on Alaska’s North Slope – Reuters


BP cleaning up oil spill on Alaska's North Slope
It remains unclear whether the leak, detected earlier this week, is connected to a decline in North Slope oil production. BP did not return emails seeking comment. Since the spill occurred, daily North Slope production has dropped about 10,000 barrels
State officials, BP investigating Prudhoe Bay oil spillAlaska Dispatch
BP Well Sprays Crude Oil Mist Over 27 Acres Of Alaskan TundraThinkProgress
BP cleaning up oil spill in Alaska3News NZ

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Deal reached on process for cleaning up old drilling sites

BATON ROUGE — With the clock winding down on an acrimonious legislative session, lawmakers appear to have settled on a new framework for environmental damage lawsuits that landowners file against energy companies that once leased their property. File photoRep. Neil…
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New affresh® Helps Protect the Environment While Cleaning Your Dishwasher – Yahoo Finance

In developing its new formula, affresh® brand incorporated consumer feedback to help improve the cleaner, making it safer for the environment and more effective than other cleaners. It’s the only dishwasher cleaner with a unique, performance …
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French debate cleaning up South Pacific

The French Parliament is debating what to do about environmental damage around its South Pacific atolls.
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All-natural/green/eco-friendly cleaning products?

I am starting a home cleaning business & I want to use all-natural cleaning products that are effective.
I need lists of TOP cleaning products ones that are tried and true and powerful enough to scrub through the tough messes but still leave a clean fresh scent.
I need all types of cleaners, kitchen, bath, floor, carpet,multi-purpose etc
BONUS: Need a good name for the business… please help!

Eco Friendly Cleaning Supplies?

I would like to become a distributor for EcoFriendly cleaning supplies and personal hygene products. I am starting a cleaning business and would like to also use all eco friendly cleaning products. Has anybody used and been happy with a certain line? Also, I would like to offer air purifier systems for sale and would like to know what brand to use. Thanks!

Where in Singapore can I buy green household cleaning products? Or is there an Eco Friendly maid service her?

I’m a recently arrived expat and looking for a professional service, but I don’t want toxic products in my home or near my kids. Can anyone recommend any companies?