Lithium & Battery Stock Explosion, UK Gigafactory Request, Tesla Cybertruck Love — CleanTechnica Top 20

The top 20 CleanTechnica stories of the past week included a look at increasingly popular lithium, nickel, and EV battery stocks


Extreme Weather from the Stratosphere: Interview with ETH Climate Researcher Daniela Domeisen – CleanTechnica

Extreme Weather from the Stratosphere: Interview with ETH Climate Researcher Daniela Domeisen  CleanTechnica

“extreme weather” – Read More…

Tesla Model Y = 2020 CleanTechnica Car of the Year

It’s time to announce the 2020 CleanTechnica Car of the Year. Shocking no one and no one’s grandmother


Luring Tesla Buyers In Back In 2012 vs. 2021 (CleanTechnica Interview)

“I wasn’t in a building. It was more like a UFO landing. I’d just kinda be somewhere, and people would walk by and experience it. So it was more like it kind of jarred their senses, where they were seeing this thing they had never seen before and never heard of before


US Startup ZeroAvia Sends Green Hydrogen Fuel Cell Powertrains Flying — CleanTechnica Interview

Flight-shaming begone: US aircraft startup ZeroAvia ramps up plans for zero emission green hydrogen fuel cell flight


EV Charging Habits & Patterns In USA & Europe — CleanTechnica Report

This article explores various EV charging habits and patterns — as well as a bit of EV charging knowledge — in the United States and Europe


Top Solar Power States Per Capita — CleanTechnica Report

If you’ve been reading CleanTechnica long enough, you know that 8 to 10 years ago, I used to publish reports on solar power capacity per capita — for both US states and countries around the world. I’m returning to these, starting with this one on the top solar states


17th Annual KPMG Ideation Challenge Winners — CleanTechnica Exclusive

A hackathon-style competition helps solve real-world business issues with AI and other tech


The Delfast Top 2.0 E-Bike (CleanTechnica Review)

Just one look at the Delfast Top 2.0 e-bike and it is immediately clear that it is not your typical e-bike company. In fact, the bikes themselves look and perform much more like an underpowered electric motorcycle than a bicycle, absolutely destroying any semblance of a line between the bicycles and their new breed of electricity-powered beasts