Ship leaking tons of oil in Mauritius is close to splitting apart

“We are in an advanced fracturing process. The bulk carrier does not have much time ahead of it,” said one scientist.

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New Orleans Tesla Service Center Is Close To Ready

Tesla’s New Orleans service center may soon be here. Right now, it’s in “coming soon” mode on the Tesla website. In 2018, The Times-Picayune first reported that Tesla would opening a service center in New Orleans. Tesla is renovating an existing warehouse lot on Tchoupitoulas Street to provide space for new vehicles ready for delivery. In plans Tesla filed with the city, the center will perform maintenance and repair services for Tesla vehicles and be a delivery point for new vehicle orders. This information came from


Honda To Close Swindon Factory In 2021. Is Brexit Or The Switch To Electric Cars To Blame?

Honda production Swindon UKHonda has announced it is closing its factory at Swindon, UK because it needs to adjust its manufacturing priorities for the coming of electric cars. Some observers are skeptical, saying it’s all about Brexit. Either way, the world of auto manufacturing is changing and may never be the same.


Trump must close the oil loophole in Iran sanctions that Obama left open

An oil facility operated on the Kharg Island on the shore of the Persian Gulf in 2017. The United States warned June … Down the road, the U.S. itself could become a global supplier. The fracking rev…

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Tesla Cuts Hit Close To Home

My follow-up report to my last CleanTechnica dispatch — the article in which I explained the basics of the my solar array/Powerwall/charging station installation — was supposed to be a show & tell from the Tech Talk Tesla Energy personnel. It was planned at my house for June 23. This would have been a brief presentation by our Tesla Energy Advisor as to the overall installation of our 8.125 kW array and support equipment as well as the advantages of having a Powerwall in the loop and a charging station, for those fortunate enough to have already moved to electric vehicles. I planned on giving rides in my Model S and at least one Model 3 owner was expected to attend


Tesla Roadster 1 Kicked Off EV Revolution, Tesla Roadster 2 Helps To Close It Out

I am not pretending to be any more capable of covering the shocking revelation of the second-generation Tesla Roadster than any other enthusiastic EV blogger out there. However, this event brings back that peculiar sensation I experienced in the passenger seat of this particular Tesla Roadster back in 2011. I was a petrolhead at that time

Extreme weather causes some state offices to close –

Extreme weather causes some state offices to close
BATON ROUGE, La (Office of the Commissioner News Release) – Due to extreme weather, Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne is announcing that state offices are closed in the following parishes: Ascension, East Baton Rouge, East Feliciana, …

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US Carbon Tax “Close To Inevitable,” Conservative Leader Proclaims — Moral Disgrace Of Ignoring Global Warming Too Strong


Not working to stop global warming is one of the most disgraceful, horrible things a policymaker can do. It demonstrates a complete lack of morals — unless the policymaker is simply ignorant, but that is very barely a legitimate excuse these days, given that the opinions of thousands of climate scientists are almost 100% that humans are [&hellip

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Extreme weather patterns close out 2015 – USA TODAY


Extreme weather patterns close out 2015
As 2015 draws to an end, storms are triggering chaotic weather and causing severe destruction in parts of the globe. Here's a closer look at areas most impacted: United States:Historic flooding in St. Louis, Mo., forced authorities to shut down a
Missouri and a dozen other states deal with floodingCNN
Widespread flooding hits US Midwest, rivers still risingReuters
Southern states brace for surging Mississippi River floodingYahoo News
Huffington Post –St. Louis Public Radio –Northwest River Forecast Center – NOAA –The Guardian
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New Studies Close in on Methane Leaks and Bolster Calls for Strong E.P.A. Rules

A new peer-reviewed analysis of sources of leaks in natural gas drilling and well operations strongly bolsters growing calls for the Environmental Protection Agency to settle on regulations cutting wasteful, harmful emissions of methane from both new and …
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