Mining for coal reserves would not be better than fracking – Yorkshire Post letters

He claims that fracking will industrialise the area with “grids of drill … Considering the situation in the Persian Gulf at present, plus the fact that Vladimir Putin may well decide to shut off the …

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Coal Losing Death Grip On Yet Another Coal State

mountaintop removal coalAs the era of coal draws to a close, solar stakeholders in the Mountain State hope to stake out turf in the Mountain State — on flat ground, that is


US Coal Generation Expected To Continue Steady Decline, Claims EIA

The US Energy Information Administration’s latest Short-Term Energy Outlook was published this week, revealing electricity generation from coal in the United States will average 25% in 2019 and 23% in 2020, down from 27% in 2018 and continuing its steady decline to irrelevance. 


As Extreme Weather Forces Coal to Falter, Where Will Resilience Come From? – Greentech Media News

As Extreme Weather Forces Coal to Falter, Where Will Resilience Come From?  Greentech Media News

Fuel security does not equal grid resilience, the authors argue.

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Coal Giant Glencore Announces Plan To Cap Coal Production At Current Levels

One of the world’s largest coal miners, Glencore, announced on Wednesday that it plans to cap its coal production capacity to current levels and is developing long-term targets in line with the Paris Climate Agreement. 


Yay! Coal In My Stocking! Critiques Of Climate Action Amidst Moves To Renewable Energy

coal in my stockingWhat hesitations keep people from moving to renewable energy


New Renewables Cheaper Than Old Coal In Southeast Asia

A new analysis from independent financial think tank Carbon Tracker has concluded that it would be cheaper to build new solar PV and onshore wind capacity in Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines by the end of the next decade rather than continue operating existing coal-fired power plants. 


UPDATE 2-Indonesia pushes back coal, palm oil insurance rules to Feb 2019

JAKARTA, July 26 (Reuters) – Indonesia’s trade ministry has decided to postpone for six months the application of rules requiring coal and crude palm oil export shipments to use Indonesian insurance, …

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Solar Power Employs Twice As Many As Coal In US

According to a report produced by the National Association of State Energy Officials and the Energy Futures Initiative, there are more than twice as many solar power jobs in the US as coal industry jobs


China bets on coal beyond borders – – CNBC


China bets on coal beyond borders
China is now the world’s biggest investor in coal outside its shores.
Once globally vilified for extensive air pollution due to heavy coal usage, China now talks a big game about its environmental efforts after the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate pact.

But, beyond its borders, the country has been the world’s biggest investor in coal power.

“Chinese banks’ and companies’ investments in coal abroad are a cause of major concern because of their potential to lock in more climate warming emissions in our carbon-constrained world,” said Huang Wei, a climate and energy campaigner at Greenpeace East Asia.

Chinese financial institutions are the world’s largest investor of overseas coal plants, pumping in $15 billion in coal projects from 2013 to 2016 through international development funds, according to the Natural Resources Defense Council, a U.S.-based non-profit environmental advocacy group. There’s another $13 billion in proposed funding.

That is even as data from the International Energy Agency show a slowdown in coal power investment globally.

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