Fracking Waste Ban Moves Forward with Senate Committee Vote

TRENTON, NJ – The Senate Environment and Energy Committee voted 4-1 to pass S678, a bill that would ban toxic drilling waste from oil and gas fracking. The bill is championed by a statewide coalition …

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Environment Committee Advances Fracking Waste Ban

HARTFORD, CT — The Environment Committee voted 29-1 Wednesday to forward a bill banning fracking waste to the Senate. There is currently a moratorium on fracking waste that was approved back in 2014, but environmentalists say they can’t predict what …

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FPL’s fracking investment bill passes committee despite objections

including fracking. It was approved by the Florida House Subcommittee on Energy and Utilities. Although FPL is the only utility that could meet the criteria to qualify for the program this year, Duke Energy Florida, Inc., and Gulf Power Company are …
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FPL’s fracking bill returns Tuesday as the only bill on the House committee agenda

including fracking. Although FPL is the only utility that could meet the criteria to qualify today, Duke Energy Florida, Inc., and Gulf Power Company are expected to qualify in the near future, if the bill is approved, according to an analysis by the House …
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Senate committee reverses years of opposition and passes fracking ban

acid fracturing and matrix acidizing — the high pressure process that is used to inject water into rock formations to extract oil and gas.
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Griswold looks to establish fracking committee

GRISWOLD – A moratorium on the storage or disposal of fracking waste in Connecticut is set to run out this year and some towns are taking steps to make sure the substances continue to be banned within their borders. Griswold is organizing a fracking …
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Branford committee moves forward with fracking ban

BRANFORD >> After the Representative Town Meeting referred an ordinance that would prohibit the disposal, storage or treatment of fracking waste within town limits back to committee for review, the Rules and Ordinances Committee voted to move forward with …
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Fracking blocked in Senate committee

Nearly 80 cities and counties have passed ordinances to ban or oppose the use of hydraulic fracturing and matrix acidizing, a fracking-like method that dissolves rocks instead of fracturing them with highly-pressurized liquid. The process is used to …
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House committee seeks EPA briefing on Porter Ranch gas leak

Reuters reported that the company is trying to stem the methane leak by drilling a relief well to reach a damaged pipeline, then injecting fluids and heavy mud into it. A utility company said it has spent about $ 50 million because of a massive leak from an …
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Tesla Wins Big Battle In New Jersey — Bill A3216 Passes Committee Vote

Tesla Motors has made new — and significant — headway in its war with the car dealership associations in the state of New Jersey with the recent passing of Bill A3216.

With the approval of the bill — which passed New Jersey’s Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee with a unanimous 4-0 vote, but still has to make it through more bureaucracy before it’s law — Tesla will be able to begin selling direct to customers once again.

Image Credit: Tesla Motors

To put it in (perhaps?) clearer terms, bill A3216 “permits certain zero emission vehicle manufacturers to directly sell motor vehicles to consumers and requires them to operate service facilities.” :)

A welcome change from the direction taken by the state in recent months — as we reported previously, the state legislature voted in March to shut down Tesla’s ability to sell direct to customers. The ban was explained at the time by Governor Chris Christie as simply being the enforcement of a law already on the books.

If the new bill becomes law it will supersede said previous law, but still only allow Tesla to operate “four places of business in the state”, as well as requiring the company to offer a service center.

In related news — if you’re having a hard time of keeping track of where exactly Tesla can sell direct, and where it can’t, I recommend checking out Tesla Wars — Where Can Tesla Sell Direct To Customers? New Infographic Has You Covered

While it’s hard to say what exactly the future holds, it does appear that Tesla is beginning to gain ground in its battle with the dealers. Certainly a good thing, imo. :)

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