China Is Breeding A Herd Of Purebred Trojan Horses To Conquer The Western BEV Market

When Japanese automakers entered the European market over half a century ago, then Korean automakers did so in the ’80s and ’90s, and lastly Indian brands did so hardly a decade ago, they started at the bottom with low-priced and low-quality products


Tigo Energy Teaming Up With SunGift Trade With Aim To Conquer UK Market

The US-based smart module and power optimization company Tigo Energy is teaming up with SunGift Trade — the UK-based distribution arm of the installer SunGift Solar — with the aim of becoming a major force in the UK’s solar PV market.


As per the new arrangement between the two, SunGift will carry and utilize stock of the Tigo Dual Maximizer and the Maximizer Management Unit — a solar module optimizer and a wireless network communication tool, respectively.

By utilizing these technologies — which work with all brands — it’s possible to create systems where each module works independently, allowing for “greater flexibility and enabling more energy to be produced,” as well as improving safety and performance reliability.

“Tigo’s range is a is a real breakthrough,” explained Scott Oldfield from SunGift Trade. “Which we’ve been monitoring and testing on our test array for some time. One of the stand-out benefits of the technology is that it enables installers to design systems where each module works independently. This gives greater flexibility, enabling more energy to be produced, enhancing safety and reliability. The Tigo optimizers also enable installers to split strings across multiple roofs while still allowing more energy to be produced.”

“A string of solar panels is only as good as the weakest panel in the string, which can underperform significantly if it is shaded or has dirt on it,” noted Scott. “However, as the Tigo system allows modules to work independently, each one can work to its optimum capacity. This works perfectly for systems that either have shading in certain areas or that are split across multiple roofs. Normally systems on multiple roofs need more multiple inverters, but with Tigo one correctly-sized inverter is enough.”

The European sales representative for Tigo, Christian Carraro, stated: “We are tremendously exited about this opportunity and looking forward to working with SunGift Trade. They will have a constant stock of our products and direct access to us for technical support, so we’re expecting to see increasing numbers of our solar module optimisers and management units being used by UK installers.”

In related news, NPD Solarbuzz recently predicted that the UK solar market would be the biggest in all of Europe in 2014. Which is perhaps a bit of a surprise to some, as the UK hasn’t exactly been a major player in this regard in recent years.

The prediction was made based on the recognition of the large number of large, ground-mounted solar PV projects being developed — over 120 such projects — many of which are expected to be completed this year.

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