Tesla = 1st To Lose US Tax Credits, But Tesla Vehicles Will Still Sell Very Well

The Tesla Model 3 is the 8th highest selling car in the USA, outselling many cars in the $ 10,000 to $ 26,000 range. People are going to buy as many as Tesla can make


Who Saved US Electric Vehicle, Solar Energy, & Wind Energy Tax Credits?

The United States Congress hasn’t yet passed a tax heist reform bill. However, word on the street is that it’s very close. Regarding clean energy tax credits and electric vehicle tax credits that were eliminated in previous versions of the bill, the rumors are that they are no longer going to be eliminated

Pruitt Calls For End To Tax Credits For Wind & Solar

Scott Pruitt told an audience at the Kentucky Farm Bureau on Monday that he is in favor of ending all tax credits for wind and solar power as soon as possible

Pruitt Calls For End To Tax Credits For Wind & Solar was originally published on CleanTechnica.

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