Do Energy Industry Activities Threaten Dams? BC Hydro Now Says Yes

Photo: BC Hydro. Last summer a bizarre dispute about dams, fracking, waste water disposal, public safety and earthquakes quietly played out before the BC Oil and Gas Appeal Tribunal. Be one of two lucky Tyee readers to win a pair of tickets. The Facts are …
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Portland State University researchers expose environmental costs of building Mekong River dams

Their work, tapping the Northwest’s experience with big hydropower dams, contributed to the Mekong River Commission’s decision last week to recommend delaying construction of the lower Mekong’s first mainstem dam.
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Workers Start Dismantling Dams In Wash. – NPR News

The process is an extremely tricky one — in terms of engineering, ecology and politics — but environmentalists hope this project heralds the beginning of the end of the age of big dams in the American West. Those who like big dams …
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Texas firm to remove three dams on Raritan River

SOMERVILLE — A Texas company will remove three dams on the Raritan River to compensate for environmental damage at four industrial sites in Central Jersey, the state Department of Environmental Protection announced Tuesday.
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