You May Be Surprised: Real-Life EV Range Test Compilation By Danish Motorist Association

Danish Motorist Association (FDM) — through its magazine Motor — thought it would be useful for potential EV buyers to compare real-life range of EVs on the market


Danish EV Sales 2019 — Finally Back On Track After 5 Years Of Standing Still!

The 2019 trend that led to record sales of plug-in vehicles is most certainly not going away any time soon: Denmark is jumping on the electric wagon, for real this time


Hybrid Ferry Standard Platform To Be Implemented For Danish Islands — Goal Is Fully Electric

This week, the Danish ministry of industry, business, and financial affairs presented a number of initiatives to strengthen maritime development in the country. The plan, called The Blue Denmark, covers 36 different growth potentials — one of them is about modernizing the ferries connecting the many small populated islands to the mainland