Driver Misuses Tesla Autopilot & Crashes Into Cop Car — Reminder To Not Watch Movies While Driving

Tesla’s safety record with Autopilot is often overshadowed by accidents resulting from driver error


Climate Change is Driving UK’s Extreme Weather Events, Reveals Climate Report – The Weather Channel

Climate Change is Driving UK’s Extreme Weather Events, Reveals Climate Report  The Weather Channel

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Study: Driving Tesla Model 3 Is Whole Lot Cheaper Than Driving Petrol Vehicles In 23 African Countries

Image: A Tesla Model 3 on show at a Shopping Centre in the United Kingdom. Picture by Keith KuhudzaiThe transition to electromobility is well underway. In fact, it is happening much faster than most people think. EV market share figures are starting to look quite nice in many markets in the developed world


Autonomous Driving Firm Aurora Has Doubled Staff In Past Year

While the world struggles with the coronavirus pandemic and its entire, gigantic, enormous economic fallout, it’s perhaps surprising to find out that some companies (other than Amazon and Zoom) have been growing in that time. One of those firms is Aurora, a self-driving vehicle firm led by Chris Urmson, who was Waymo’s top dog for years


Waymo Unveils Its 5th Generation Autonomous Driving Technology

Waymo I-PaceIn its latest blog post, Waymo says it has cut the cost of its autonomous driving sensors by half while doubling how far they can see under all conditions.


Perovskite Solar Cells … Toyota Driving Off A Hybrid Cliff … The Boring Company’s 1st Vegas Tunnel — #CleanTechnica Top 20

: Tesla Model X inside The Boring Company's test tunnel underneath the SpaceX offices (Image: The Boring Company)The most popular CleanTechnica stories last week involved perovskite solar cell research and projections (a hot topic for the past few — or several — years), Toyota’s continued focus on hybrids (considered by many to be a death knell for the hybrid leader and 100% electric laggard), and The Boring Company’s first of two Las Vegas tunnels


Rideshare Driving In An EV: A Getting Started Guide

Sure, electric vehicles (EVs) are great for the environment in most places. Struggling to make a living doing rideshare work for companies like Lyft and Uber makes other things more important, though. If the car gets in the way of making a living instead of helping you put more money on the table, all of the warm feelings in the world that come from the lower footprint you accomplished can’t keep the landlord paid or the repo man away


Replanting oil palm may be driving a second wave of biodiversity loss

The environmental impact of palm oil production has been well publicised. Found in everything from food to cosmetics, the deforestation, ecosystem decline and biodiversity loss associated with its …

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Volkswagen Begins Level 4 Autonomous Driving Testing In Hamburg

Volkswagen and the city of Hamburg are working together to test Level 4 autonomous driving systems in the center of the city using specially modified Volkswagen e-Golfs.