The Most Extreme Weather On Earth Happens In These Locations – TheTravel

The Most Extreme Weather On Earth Happens In These Locations  TheTravel

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Scientists reveal new clues into how Earth got its oxygen

For much of Earth’s four and a half billion years, the planet was barren and inhospitable; it wasn’t until the world acquired its blanket of oxygen that multicellular life could really get going. But …

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UChicago scientists reveal new clues into how Earth got its oxygen

An innovative technique reveals new information about the role of oceanic iron in the rise of Earth’s atmosphere—and can even shed light on the search for habitable planets in other star systems.

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Earth to Biden: Stop Talking About Fracking

Data for Progress polling shows that support for a fracking ban fell 16 points among Democrats after Biden and Harris opposed it in the debates.

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This Space Technology Can Cut Climate Pollution On Earth: MethaneSAT 

The latest science warns that the window for preventing the most catastrophic global warming is closing fast. A seemingly small difference — just half a degree Celsius — can intensify the effects


Ahead of Earth Day, Groups Call on Legislature to Protect New York from Fracking Waste

Today, ahead of the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22nd, a coalition of over 120 organizations issued a letter to the New York legislature, calling for immediate passage of legislation to …

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Distinct oxygen isotope compositions of the Earth and Moon

Oxygen isotope values of lunar samples correlate with lithology, and we propose that the differences can be explained by mixing between isotopically light vapour, generated by the impact, and the …

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Can Tesla Save the Earth?

Can Tesla Save the Earth?That question, “can Tesla save the Earth?”, is a condensed way of asking what impact can Tesla cars, and any electric vehicles have in our war against climate change. War it is, because we either win, and survive, or we lose, and perish, so loosing is unthinkable, and certainly we have to do everything we [&hellip


September, 2019: A Tipping Point Moment For The Earth?

Bill McKibben and climate changeSuddenly, news about climate change and climate action is popping up all over the mainstream news. Are we witnessing a tipping point that will lead to significant climate change action?


On Earth Day, Collier has its first sea turtle nest of the year

Just in time for Earth Day, Collier County has its first sea turtle nest of the season.The loggerhead sea turtle nest was found Monday morning toward the southern end of Naples beach, said Maura Kraus, principal environmental specialist for Collier County. “We’re early,” she said, adding that the find came about a week sooner than usual. Kraus said that this time last year and the year before, county officials hadn’t discovered any nests. She said she could not remember ever finding a nest this early.

The county’s Sea Turtle Protection Program monitors nests and helps rescue stranded sea turtles. The program also assists in removing dead sea turtles. Monitoring started in 1989 on Marco Island, Kraus said. Whether the early find bodes well for the rest of the season is unknown, Kraus said. She said she is just hoping for a “really good” season.  Sea turtles will be nesting until August, Kraus said. Hatching will start at the end of June and is usually over by late October, she said. According to the county’s 2018 annual report, Collier had 966 nests last year, up from 927 in 2017. In 2016, monitors recorded 1,144.

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