Could This Tree Be An Eco-Friendly Way To Wean Indonesian Farmers Off Palm Oil?

Marhana may see damar as her way to make a living, but agriculture experts see this rare commodity as something bigger. They see damar as a sort of anti-palm oil — a model to combat deforestation and …

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Are there any eco-friendly pleather products around.?

Like clothing? Give me a site.

Where do you buy eco-friendly make-up?

I’m not able to buy products online, so are there any stores where you can purchase eco-friendly products? i.e.; Walmart, Target, etc.,

What are some cool eco-friendly or recycled products?

I wanted to see if there were any products the answer’s community would know about that are pretty cool and useful.

I’m not talking about a ‘green’ water heater or anything, I’m talking about stuff like this, the mighty wallet. It’s made from recycled material, it’s strong, tear-resistant, and water-resistant.

There’s also these shoes I like from Simple.

I just didn’t know if there are some other products I don’t know about that people generally use everyday that’s recycled or eco-friendly and relatively cool. All answers are welcome, and if you can, include a link to the site showing the product off.

Where can I find eco-friendly office/school supplies?

I’m looking for environmentally friendly products, or “green” products in other words..Being green is so in right now, but making it happen is a different story. This is all for Mother Earth! I prefer the large-chain office supply companies (e.g. Staples, Office Depot, Office Max, Target maybe, etc.) since their stores can be found almost anywhere. Anything will do, just as long as they carry eco-friendly products. I’m looking for pens & pencils mostly, but anything green in general.

Thanks ! Just trying to do my part in helping our environment. For those who are doing the same, more power to you ! 🙂

eco-friendly hair straightening products?

I’m very eco oriented but I can’t seem to find and organic hair straightening product spray/serum. Please give me some names of products that are eco friendly or organic that work for you. I have oily, blonde, wavy hair.

Thank you!!!

Don’t you think it’s time Engineers should start making Eco-friendly and Energy Efficient structures?

I mean you can still have Beatifull Archictecture and Energy Efficiency more key in construction and also use Sustainable and Eco-friendly products in the design when Feasible.

Eco-friendly home improvements?

I am trying to increase the value of my home. Are there any eco-friendly products/methods that may help me out?