Tesla Model 3, Model X, & Model S = #1, #2, #3 In US Electric Car Sales

Let’s get the biggest matter out of the way right off the bat: no one outside of Tesla really has a clue as to how many Model 3s were delivered in the US in each month of Q2. Yes, we have a Model 3 delivery total from Tesla for the quarter as a whole, but the company doesn’t break that down by month or region. For a while, the slowly growing ramp allowed us to estimate without too much difficulty, but a few things changed in May and June


800HP Electric Mustang = Quick, Quiet, Powerful, Fun

Mitch Medford is an interesting guy. He’s a hot rodder and drag racer, through and through. He appreciates the classics, and has a refined style that leans towards clean, uncluttered builds. Clean, uncluttered builds with massive amounts of tire-shredding torque, that is. It’s that thirst for speed that led him to build the 800 HP, 10-second ’68 Mustang fastback you see here. Did I mention yet that Mitch’s Mustang is fully electric


4-Door Electric Beetle May Be Coming From Volkswagen I.D. Division

electric Volkswagen BeetleThere are rumors that Volkswagen may be thinking of building a 4-door electric Beetle as part of its I.D. lineup, but the decision whether or not to build it won’t happen for at least 2 years. Is this a car the world needs?


Smart Columbus Experience Center Connects The Public With Electric Vehicles

The Smart Columbus Experience Center was officially opened to the public on June 30th in Columbus, Ohio. The Grand Opening kicked off with a block party that brought residents and visitors in to experience the transportation technologies being showcased at the new facility, including electric vehicles, public transit, car-sharing, ride-sharing and bike-sharing


Cleantech News Roundup: Alberta Tar Sands, Honda Clarity, Electric Maserati, Tesla Motorcycle, Wind Turbine Myth, & India’s Solar Appetite

In this edition of the cleantech news roundup, we’ve got a Honda Clarity review, a Tesla motorcycle nothingburger, an electric Maserati Alfieri GT, an electric Mustang and a Volvo 142 electric conversion, a debunked wind myth, Canada’s tar sands “investment” (which should be pronounced ‘money down the drain’), and even an easy sesame noodle recipe


Zero Motorcycles, Jaguar Electric Boat, Tesla Model 3 Road Trip, & EV Charging For The Masses (Cleantech Talk Today #6)

Welcome to today’s “Cleantech Talk Today” discussion of fresh electric vehicle (EV) news. In this daily podcast and video series, we talk about anything electric that moves, crawls, flies, rides, drives, swims, swings, or skips. Today we take a closer look at Zero Motorcycles, jump into an interesting Jaguar Electric Boat world speed record, and circle the topic of what it takes to go on a Tesla Model 3 road trip and what we need in the EV charging space overall for the masses to join the fun


Easiest Way To Counterattack Russia — Go Electric

As you may have seen, Russia interfered with the last US presidential election via an extensive, nuanced cyber warfare campaign. It sowed strife in the US via all sorts of aggressive, extremist social media campaigns, and it specifically tried to help Donald Trump (aka Don the Con*) get elected.

Russia’s cyber warfare campaigns reached 126 million Americans or more on Facebook alone. Russia also had extensive Twitter and reddit campaigns going, and still does. The result has been extra internal conflict, extra anti-democratic messaging, unusual attacks on our security and investigative bodies, and potentially even an illegitimate president. (Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper believes that he is indeed illegitimate. Former CIA Director John Brennan, meanwhile, believes Vladimir Putin actually has something on Trump since Trump hasn’t been acting innocent and there’s so much lying about sketchy as hell meetings like this.)

It’s frustrating when you’ve clearly been attacked by a hostile foreign country; when your national leader appears to be compromised; and when he is doing one thing after another that benefits Russia over the USA, that favors catastrophe and suffering over human health and comfort, and that subsidizes the oil & gas industry instead of clean energy and electric vehicles.

But that last bit gets to the crux of the matter. Russia is highly dependent on its oil & gas industry. Its economy is already quite weak and its people suffer under a low quality of life as a result, but it’ll get worse if Russia’s oil & gas business is harmed. And, more importantly for the Russian oligarchs running the show over there, it gets much worse for them if they can’t hoard another billion or 10 from oil & gas sales.

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8 New Electric & Plug-In Hybrid Cars In China

A number of new electric car models come onto the scene each month in China. Below are 8 of the interesting fully electric and plug-in hybrid models that have arrived recently


Dasher Electric Yacht From Hinckley Is The Tesla Of The Seas

HInckley Dasher electric yachtThe Hinckley Dasher is the first all electric luxury yacht. It is smooth, svelte and ‘spensive and comes with batteries supplied by BMW.


London Carsharing Goes Electric As Zipcar Adds 325 New Electric Cars To The Network

Zipcar, the largest carsharing network in the UK, has announced that it will be adding 325 new Volkswagen e-Golfs to its carsharing network, in partnership with