The Fastest Growing Source of Global Emissions: Transport

The multidimensional aspects of a situation are sometimes quite hard to grasp. Take a situation that involves one’s health, one’s transit, and commuting habits. How does travel, whether around the neighborhood, to the store, to visit family, or to commute to a job matter? It matters quite a bit in coexistence


No, You Don’t Have To Worry About Emissions From SpaceX’s Mars Rocket

Space X Harry StoltzNo, you don’t have to worry about emissions from SpaceX’s Mars rocket. It’s actually a green machine


New Study Calls For Monitoring Old Oil & Gas Wells For Air Emissions

A new study on the hazardous gas emissions from the calamitous 2015 blowout of the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage facility, near Porter Ranch, CA, has found that apart from methane, a group of other hazardous pollutants escaped into the air, affecting many residents in the area. The study calls for air monitoring at underground gas storage facilities nationwide, potentially affecting thousands of sites around the country


Carbon emissions rise at fastest rate since 2011, as extreme weather drives up fossil fuel use – The Independent

  1. Carbon emissions rise at fastest rate since 2011, as extreme weather drives up fossil fuel use  The Independent
  2. Extreme Weather Could Send Global Energy Demand To Record High  Yahoo Finance
  3. Extreme weather sends energy demand growth to 9-year high  Financial Times
  4. Extreme weather drove spike in energy demand and emissions: BP
  5. Carbon emissions from energy industry rise at fastest rate since 2011  The Guardian
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€70 Billion A Year In EU Health Damage Caused By Vehicle Emissions, Finds Report

Recent air pollution research found that €70 billion in health damage is caused by traffic emissions every year in the European Union — about 75% of the harm is caused by diesel emissions. The report, titled “Health Impacts and Health Costs of Diesel Emissions in the EU,” was commissioned by the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA)


What’s Your Idea For Emissions Reduction? The Keeling Curve Prize | #CleanTechnica Exclusive

Keeling Curve PrizeHere’s your chance to make an impact on climate change


EPA change to Obama-era rule on methane leaks could lead to more greenhouse gas emissions

The EPA has announced another proposed change to Obama-era rules intended to combat climate change, this time to how the oil and natural gas industry is required to monitor and prevent leaks of …

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A Fleet of Diving Robots Discovered Surprise Carbon Emissions Off Antarctica – Inverse

Over a hundred, cylindrical, submersible drones, diving and recording acidity data from the seas around Antarctica, have found some unexpected new climate data. Long thought to be a net absorber of carbon dioxide, the Southern Ocean, it turns out, does not always act that way.
Up until the new study, published yesterday in Geophysical Research Letters, flux estimates on the uptake of carbon dioxide by the Southern Ocean were pretty sparse — and weighted heavily toward the summer months when travel is safer and the water more readily assimilates atmospheric carbon. Winter measurements have traditionally come from ships traveling to resupply Antarctic research stations (like the one in John Carpenter’s The Thing. Just saying).

Antarctica can be an unpredictable place, according to Derek “Deke” Arndt, the chief of the Monitoring Branch for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Centers for Environmental Information.

While Argo floats — a vast network of aquatic probes managed internationally by about 30 participating nations — only take ocean temperature and salinity measurements, these new SOCCOM floats were equipped with sensors to record additional information, including the amount of dissolved oxygen nearby, the nitrogen content and acidity (pH). Read more

Same Car Companies Slashing Away At EPA Emissions Rules Are Promoting Electric Cars

fast charging networkThe same companies behind the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers have created a new campaign to educate consumers about the advantages of electric cars. Are they the world’s biggest hypocrites?


How to reduce methane emissions from the oil and gas industry across North America

It leaks to the atmosphere from wells and pipelines, contributing to climate change and reducing the climate benefit of using natural gas. In 2016 U.S., Canadian and Mexican leaders pledged to reduce methane emissions from the oil and natural gas sector 40 …

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