Shutdown Or Not, US Bets $25 Million On Next-Generation Marine Energy

The US Dept. of Energy bets another $ 25 million on marine energy R&D, eyeballing a potential clean power payoff of 1,400 terrawatt-hours per year


Wind Energy Tenders Back In India, 1.2 Gigawatts Offered

Lack of transmission infrastructure, increasing concerns over liquidity and financial health of power producers, and insufficient interest by developers has forced India to reduce the size of what was supposed to the largest wind energy tender in its history.


2018 Was Key To Australian Clean Energy Industry, 2019 Has To Continue That Growth

australia wind farmThere have been significant milestones met and exceeded the world over, but also some tremendous failures — an awkward combination which came together in Australia, where political turmoil and antipathy were bypassed by state-level and independent action to bring about a record year of clean energy investment. 


Yay! Coal In My Stocking! Critiques Of Climate Action Amidst Moves To Renewable Energy

coal in my stockingWhat hesitations keep people from moving to renewable energy


Renewable Energy Is A Cornerstone For Peace In Korea

A sustainable and lasting peace between North and South Korea can succeed only if renewable energy is set as a fundamental cornerstone in the process, where a peace plan for the Korean peninsula should be based on 100% renewable energy.


Oil leak causes fire at Lawrence Energy Center

LAWRENCE, Kan. (WIBW) — An oil leak is to blame for a fire at a Westar power plant in Lawrence Wednesday evening. Crews responded to the fire at Lawrence Energy Center at 6:30 p.m. The coal-fired pow…

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Envision Energy Says EV Battery Cell Costs Will Fall Below $50/kWh By 2025

EV battery cellLei Zhang, CEO of Envision Energy, shocked the Stanford Global Energy Forum when he predicted EV battery cell costs would fall to less than $ 100 per kWh within 2 years. Then he went even further.


Coast Guard and Taylor Energy disagree over source of 14-year Gulf oil leak

The U.S. Coast Guard isn’t buying Taylor Energy’s explanation about what’s causing the oil company’s 14-year-old leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Scientists hired by Taylor Energy say an oil-soaked area of …

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Is pig poop the next fracking? Smithfield Foods about to put energy goals to the test.

There’s no dispute that the science, which relies on releasing microbes to break down hog waste in an airless chamber … with the natural gas that’s most commonly obtained by fracking, a controversia…

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Coast Guard orders Taylor Energy to stop 14-year oil leak

The Coast Guard is coming down hard on the owners of a broken oil platform that has been allowed to leak off southeast Louisiana for more than 14 years. New federal estimates put the leak rate at the …

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