BYD Shows Off Upgraded Residential & Commercial Energy Storage Solutions At Intersolar Europe

BYD brought its two new energy storage offerings to Intersolar Europe in Munich this week as falling battery prices continue to make stationary energy storage a lucrative solution for businesses and homeowners around the world


India’s New 227 Gigawatt Renewable Energy Target Is Ambitious, Challenging, But Possible, Says IEEFA

The announcement earlier this month from India’s power and renewable energy minister RK Singh that his country will increase its interim renewable energy target from 175 gigawatts (GW) by 2022 up to 227 GW has been heavily lauded, and though it “does look excessively ambitious,” according to Tim Buckley from the Institute for Energy Economics and Financial Analysis, he nevertheless believes it is possible. 


Reinventing Power Documentary Highlights Community Benefits Of Renewable Energy

“Reinventing Power” is a new documentary from the Sierra Club. It focuses on how renewable energy is bringing new economic opportunities to people and communities all across America.


A New Energy Storage Solution For A Massive Railway System

Russian Railways is exploring a first-of-its-kind energy storage strategy that could open the door for more renewables on the sprawling railway grid


Clean Energy & DER Portfolios More Cost-Effective Than Natural Gas Replacements Worth $500 Billion

Natural gas fracking industry bubble is busting.A new report from the Rocky Mountain Institute has shown that investing in “clean energy portfolios” made up of clean energy sources and distributed energy resources is a more cost-effective method of replacing aging fossil fuel-powered power plants in America than replacing them with new gas-fired power plants. 


From D.C. To Tesla … & Back To D.C? Sam Jammal On Clean Energy & Job Creation

Sam Jammal launched a campaign for Congress in order to bridge the gaps he sees between the cleantech industry and Capitol Hill. He’s currently running for Congress in California’s 39th district


Epic Energy Usage In Our Tesla Model S In Albania

Here we come with the final stage of our CleanTechnica Tesla Shuttle Adventure. Our previous entries attracted a lot of attention in the countries we visited and the photo of the Polish tourist in Macedonia was a Twitter hit. We also received emails from concerned EV enthusiasts from Hungary, who were sorry to hear  about our difficulties in Debrecen


Largest Opposition Party In Denmark Has Way More Ambitious Plans Than Current Government’s Energy Initiative

As a response to the Danish government’s energy initiative published last week, the largest party in the country, The Social Democrats, has published its own initiative called “Denmark will once again be a green superpower.”


Powering An RV With Solar Energy & A Tesla Battery (Videos)

Tom and Cait Morton live the RV lifestyle, roaming the US with their two dogs and recounting their adventures in their Mortons on the Move blog. When they added a solar system to their mobile mansion, they decided to include battery storage in the form of a used Tesla Model S battery module. They explain the entire process in a set of fascinating videos [scroll below


Appalachia Markets Itself as Global Energy Hub

(The region lagged further behind the Gulf Coast in oil production, in which Texas is still king.) Unlike the Gulf region, however, the vast majority of the gas that’s extracted in Appalachia is exported: Only about a quarter of the gas produced in …

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