2025 Supply & Demand Predictions For The Global Auto Market — Tesla vs. Everyone Else

The 4 ways I’m going to look at the auto market is by looking at supply and demand, looking at each from a Tesla perspective and from the perspective of the rest of the industry. My gut feel going into this analysis was that all cars sold would be electric by 2025. I was wrong. Let’s look at why


100% Solar Power In A Snap For Fifth Third Bank, So Where’s Everyone Else?

With a single solar power purchase agreement, Fifth Third Bank shows how companies can accelerate the renewable energy transition, one state at a time


Everyone Loves Their EV

In the EV internet, there’s a lot of shade. Far too much shade. People throw shade on every electric vehicle under the sun. There are critics of the Nissan LEAF, critics of the Chevy Volt & Chevy Bolt, critics of the BMW i3, the Ford Energi models, Tesla’s premium-class cars, and everything else


Read the Antarctica blockbuster that’s freaking everyone out. – Grist


Read the Antarctica blockbuster that's freaking everyone out.
The more climate scientists learn about Antarctica, the more scary the place seems. A new Grist feature by Eric Holthaus dives into one corner of the frozen continent, Pine Island Bay. Scientists say skyscraper-sized shards of ice could rapidly break

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Southern California Edison Unleashes $450 Electric Car Rebate For Everyone

Southern California Edison is offering people who drive a plug-in or electric car a one-time cash rebate of $ 450. What makes it different from other EV rebate programs is that it applies to second and third owners and those who lease cars as well. Typically, an EV rebate like the federal tax credit only helps new-car buyers. If someone leases a new EV, those rebates go to the leasing company (which is often a division of the manufacturer). Although that may help lower the customer’s lease payment, it puts no cash in the driver’s pocket

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Data is the ‘New Oil’ and Everyone Needs to Know What They’re Leaking

SAN JOSE, CA–(Marketwired – Jan 26, 2017) – The unstoppable growth of both social media and the internet of things presents increasing privacy challenges for consumers, says Mikko Hypponen, F-Secure’s Chief Research Officer. Businesses that rely on …
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Germany has more solar power because everyone wins

Tim Fuller

Suddenly everyone knows about Germany’s solar power dominance because Fox Newsheads made an ass of themselves, suggesting that the country is a sunny, tropical paradise. Most media folks have figured out that there are some monster differences in policy (e.g., a feed-in tariff), but then latch on to the “Germans pay a lot extra” meme.  Germans do, and are perfectly happy with it, but that’s still not the story.

The real reason Germany dominates in solar (and wind) is its commitment to democratizing energy.

Half of the country’s renewable power is owned by ordinary Germans, because that wonky sounding feed-in tariff (often known as a CLEAN Contract Program in America) makes it ridiculously simple and safe for people to park their money in generating solar electricity on their roof instead of making pennies in interest at the bank.

It also makes the country’s “energy change” movement politically bulletproof. Germans aren’t tree-hugging wackos giving up double mochas for wind turbines, they are investing by the tens of thousand in a clean energy future that is putting money back in their pockets and creating well over 300,000 new jobs (at last count).  Their policy makes solar cost half as much to install as it does in America, where the free market’s red tape can’t compete with their “socialist” efficiency.

Fox News’ gaffe about sunshine helps others paper over the real tragedy of American energy policy. In a country founded on the concept of self-reliance (goodbye, tea imports!), we finance clean energy with tax credits that make wind and solar reliant on Wall Street instead of Main Street. We largely preclude participation by the ordinary citizen unless they give up ownership of their renewable energy system to a leasing company. We make clean energy a complicated alternative to business as usual, while the cloudy, windless Germans make the energy system of the future by making it stupid easy and financially rewarding.

I’m all for pounding the faithless fools of Fox, but let’s learn the real secret to German energy engineering and start making democratic energy in America.

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Environment Day Celebrated by Everyone –

Delhi Mayor Prof Rajni Abbi released a poster with a message in a function organised to celebrate World Environment Day. Prof Rajni said “Think of metro as your personal limousine; public park as your personal farm house, city river your personal swimming …
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